Spring Cleaning: Baby Clothes Storage

Amelie is almost a year old. ONE. I can’t believe it. All along, I’ve been stashing the clothes she’s outgrown in a plastic bin from Target. Her stuff was tossed in there haphazardly so the other day I got to organizing. I bought half gallon zip bags and bagged the clothes by sizes now that I know how each of the brands actually fit since baby clothes can be nutty/confusing.

Admittedly, the bag system is flawed. The bags take up more room than if I were to just store everything loose. But if another little baby girl comes into our life, I figured I’d be grateful that it’s all labeled and organized. It took longer than I anticipated even though I had lots of “help”.

I also took this time to really look at Amelie’s clothes and keep only the ones that were free from stains (her spitty days ruined quite a few pieces) as well as the outfits I really loved or found extremely useful. I left room for my beloved newborn diapers which I’m currently lending to a friend but other than those, it’s pretty packed in there. She’s a spoiled lady. We store the bin under her crib. It doesn’t fit perfectly now that we lowered the mattress but it’s not something I’ll be accessing often so it’ll do.

 I was hoping to get the entire first year’s worth of clothes in here but with her bulkier winter items, it’s not going to fit. Considering just how hard it was for me to resist buying loads of baby clothes, I think I did a pretty good job of containing the madness for the first 9 months!

Yeah, that’s it for today. Sorry.

Update: I changed the title from “Baby Storage” to “Baby Clothes Storage” because storing babies is creepy.


10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Baby Clothes Storage

  1. Oh I love talking baby clothes & baby clothes storage! :) I often also found this job very overwhelming & even kind of sad to pack away some of those favorite outfits that were loaded with sweet memories.

    I did find, after much trial & error, that laying the tiny blankets on the bottom, then folding the clothes according to size in the bin, as if they are in a drawer created ample room, arranging rows by size. But yes, I am a big time spacial nerd!

    Happy organizing mama, thanks for sharing! Oh and can we just say how ridiculously adorable your helper is? :)

    • I love your nerdy-organizing ways! I may have to try your technique for the next round. It is sad looking at how little the sleeper was that we took her home in (and she was swimming in it at the time). Sniffle. She sure is a cute helper, regardless of the varying levels of helpfulness.

  2. Oh gosh Candace! This is such a great idea! I can’t believe she is almost one! I can’t wait to have a little one and be able to do stuff like this! <3

  3. Your little helper looks the professional. Stomping on the goods to get more room to add more items. Make sure to save all you can – Weren’t you and SIL going for a basketball team – or was it a baseball team. ::)) lv mamap

  4. I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will be HAPPY that you organized and sorted….instead of putting all things in a bin that said 0-9 mo which had some swaddles and some winter jackets and some sleepers and some socks. Of course, I only know this as Knox is knocking on 5 months and I’ve already dug around in many-o-bin in my spare time trying to find things….especially since he is a little bigger than Nolan and finding what fits for these different seasons takes a bit longer. AND, Knox is already growing out of plenty of clothes and swaddles and things…it is crazy! SO, there are a few of my absolute favorites that I put aside-aside just so I can keep them out a little longer. :)

    • Thanks, Megs! You’re right, no matter how un-pretty this system is – a least it’ll work better than the pile I had before.
      It’s crazy! It seems every brand has a different fit and then every baby does too! It’s hard to wrap my little mind around! I don’t know how you have time to do anything with two littles – you are Super Mama! Keep on keepin’ on, my friend!

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