Friday Tidbits

Another home update for you to jump start your weekend! Stellar news, I’m sure.

This project has been in the “mostly done” category for a while now. Way back when I was working on this door, I figured if I already had the primer out I might as well get primer happy with everything else in sight. So, I attacked the kitchen island.

Let’s back up and let me remind you of how we started:

It’s doesn’t look so bad from here but trust me, it was an eye sore. It was greasy and grimy. The countertop was resting on top of the island with shards of shims and a gap so wide, I could stick a knife through it and it’d fall into the cupboard on the other side.

Here it is with a good cleaning and first coat of primer (sorry for the nighttime pics):

The underside:

See what I mean about the gap between the countertop and the island? And the splintered shims that were keeping everything “level” (on the right above the outlets)?

Even though I liked the texture of the paneling on the island – it was also shoddy. One of the panels was starting to pull off:

And the island itself was feebly connected to the wall on the side:

The round hole is from TV cabling the previous homeowners had. They had that cabling snaked through every room. They must have really loved TV. Anyway, I should try to patch it but I haven’t yet.

Moving on.

I pumped so much caulk in this thing. I caulked and caulked and caulked. (I hate that word, by the way. It’s so awkward.)

After caulking and another coat of primer, it was looking hopeful. I debated on what color to paint it. Something bright? Something moody? Black? White? But in the end, I just used paint I already had on hand: Gray Owl by Ben Moore (the same color as the living room). I also updated the outlet cover and *of course* I had to use an oversized one because they had cut the original hole too big. It’s always something!

So much better! As with everything, this project births another: the countertops and wood edging. I have a few things I’ve been brainstorming to pretty them up but for now, they are kind of half primed. I’ll be sure to keep you posted…

That was more than a tidbit, I admit! You deserved a beefy post since I’ve been MIA lately. Enjoy the weekend. Any projects on the list?


8 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Good work on the island. It looks amazing. Black would be striking but awfully hard to repaint. But that pulls in the railings. Coral from the living room? Gray is wonderful because you don’t know what you are going to do in the kitchen. Good work. I am looking forward to some outdoor projects. Once the snow melts. Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend! lv mamap

    • Coral is on my list to incorporate! Our outside is way too overwhelming for me to think about right now. That hot tub needs to go!

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  3. A little caulk makes such a big difference! So does having a wife that cranks away at house projects during the precious, short nap times. A round of applause for the candace.

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