Home Sweat Home: The Kitchen

Since I blabbed on and on about the island, I figured I should get you up to speed on what else has been going on in the kitchen as of late.

As a reminder, The Beginning:

Besides the island, there hasn’t been any earth shattering progress. But it’s starting to take shape…

GREEN: Progress.

RED: Still to address.

Sorry, this photo might make your eyes water.

Both doors have been painted and the trim is in progress. I’m annoyed that the fridge overlaps the trim on the garage door but Hubs did some investigating and we can get a smaller depth fridge that won’t look so ill-fitting. Replacing the appliances is probably a ways out for our budget, but at least it’s good to know. The overlap bothered me so much that I was considering tearing down the fridge wall and expanding the kitchen out. That’s seemed hard though. And scary.

Back to the updates. I replaced the brass hinges on the pantry door and updated the island, of course. Besides a a few new outlet covers, that’s where we are for now. For “phase 1″ the cabinets need to be painted, the pantry fixed up, the light fixtures replaced, as well as the kitchen window since it has a big crack in it (and 30 years worth of goober caked inside).  Oh and those awful countertops…

I’m brainstorming a countertop intervention.  A few ideas from YoungHouseLove has got my creaky wheels spinning.:

  • I love me some concrete countertops and this is my top choice, although I’m not sure if it’ll work with the grouted granite squares?
  • Another thought is painting the grout, since that’s the grossest part. It’s maroon and the granite is gray/mauve/pink. A nasty combo, indeedy. But is the grout paint food safe? I have more research to do.

Phase 2 (a long time from now), I’d like to replace the all of the cabinets, countertops, appliances and of course, rid ourselves of that cat door…

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