My Amelie

Age: 1 year and 1 week! She’s (almost) 20lbs of awesomesauce!

Her birthday was last Friday and we celebrated with a doctor’s appointment and 5 shots (poor baby!), plus time with Grandma since I had to coach at a track meet all afternoon and Hubs was out of town for a conference. Bummer, huh?

To make up for it, this past weekend we hosted a little birthday party. I decorated the house (with loads of pink, of course!) and picked up three helium balloons for Amelie to bat around and enjoy:

Although she looks curious, she was quite terrified of them! A total fail.

What was a success? One of our friends brought Amelie a singing birthday card – that was a hit! And once she warmed up to the idea, she thoroughly enjoyed her first cupcake!

Hubs and I were pretty whipped for the party on Sunday afternoon. Like I mentioned earlier, I had a track meet almost all day Friday and then was up by 4.50am for an all day Saturday meet. It’s so fun to spend my weekends at the track but it’s still very tiring work. Saturday night, Amelie was acting funny and up 5-6 times! She’s not a very consistent sleeper – we have a few nights a week like this. When she does sleep “well” – she usually wakes twice at 11pm and 5.30am. Sometimes she puts herself back to sleep, sometimes she needs comforting. She’s my needy lady, always has been. It makes for sleepy parents though.

The doctor gave her the clear to switch from formula to whole milk – yay! Amelie had no problem with the switch. She’s also allowed to eat anything but she still only has one tooth so we are trying to figure out how to give her a well balance meal that doesn’t take too much serious chewing. She loves sharing breakfast with Dad in the morning and he pretends to ignore the milk and soggy chunks that she drools back into the bowl:

She’s been quite physical this week – back to her climbing on everything and wrestling with Dad. It’s funny how last week she was big into books and quiet time. She also took TWO steps to Grandma!

Other talents to mention: dancing (!!!), waving with twirly wrists, scooting backwards on her tummy, putting caps back on things (or attempting), “putting on” her socks. She’s busy!

I need to sign off but…my adorable view from last Friday morning’s walk:

Birthday toesies!

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