Friday Tidbits

I was hoping to have a DIY update for you but my progress is cyclical. One week, I’m able to hammer away during each nap and the next week, I end up spending all of my spare time trying to catch up on laundry and computer stuff. This week was a laundry and computer catch up week.

I do have a crafty decoration to share from Amelie’s birthday party. Now, I don’t pretend to have any sort of talent when it comes to hosting amazing parties paired with clever decorations. On the other hand, these two blogs put together beautiful tablescapes and throw such creative parties:

But since it’s a fun way to spend a few naps, I got my craft on for Amelie’s celebration.

A few weeks back, I whipped up a fringe garland for St. Patty’s day and thought the craft was too cute (and too easy) not to make another one for Amelie’s pink party. I spotted a fringe garland while I was at Target picking up party supplies so it looks like they are becoming quite popular. Mine was free since I had all of the tissue paper and curling ribbon on hand. I used this tutorial from Pinterest. Here it is (as well as a sneak peek of the project I am currently in working on- painting the french doors):

(Oh hai there, hideous wallpaper. Why do you have to be like that?)

Admittedly some of the fringes ended up kinda ratty but I still think the garland turned out sweet overall. It livened up our otherwise nutty kitchen. You can’t tell from here but I used pink washi tape (from the dollar section at Target) to dress up the stems of each fringe.

I also attempted a centerpiece/drink station. Of course, Amelie’s baby Nike Cortezes made an appearance! It looked a little different for her actual party – but I did my best to recreate it:

I lined the tray (quite poorly if you were to look close) with clearance wrapping paper from Target and wrapped up a few summer clothes that I had bought for Amelie, not intending them to be a birthday present but rather to fill out the tray.

The polka dot bucket was an Easter gift years ago that I hung onto just in case I had a baby girl! I had bought two more pink buckets that I was going to fill with annuals (that I would plant later outside) but then decided what I had was already enough. And paper straws make everything adorable, right?

I swagged (swug?) some balloons in the living room and called it a day!

Update: I removed the dark photo of the living room because even my low standards were offended. 

Nothing like mediocre decorations and even worse pictures to send you into the weekend, huh?


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