Friday Tidbits

Progress, no matter how boring, is progress so I thought I’d show you today what I’ve been up to. As you recall, we tore out the railing between the kitchen and den and put up a new wall. A few weeks ago, I showed you the wall finished and painted, albeit with craptasticly shadowy pictures.

As it would be, every wall has two sides. Although you may have assumed I was done, I just now finished the back side. To jog your memory, a Before:

And a crooked After:

I gave it a few coats of primer, caulked and painted it (Ashes by Behr) to match the rest of the den. Then I transformed the wood trim into a pretty, pretty white. Although very anticlimactic, it’s done. And Done feels nicer than Not Done.

But, do you spy what I spy?

There are more railings to paint. And seeing how the ones I painted earlier not only have a few chips already (SAD DAY) but two baby gates drilled into them as well, it’s not a project I’m really looking forward to.

Please excuse the fact that we’ve shoved everything that doesn’t have a home into that corner. I’m trying to envision beautifully organized cabinetry but the orangey stairs are sucking the inspiration right out of me.

I’ll gather up my mojo soon enough but first, happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. I’m loving this wall. I was scared at first to make a structural change to the house, but I’m so glad we did. It provides much better separation of space, makes the dining area look much less messy, and helps block the sound from the TV to the kitchen and main level.

  2. I loved the way the wall eliminated watching people at the table from the den. I know it was meant to mimic open spaces, but if you are doing open spaces, don’t build a 3 level house. The wall also makes it possible to hear better. Sounds no longer bounce downstairs and back up – wonderful. Looks marvelous! lv mamap

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