The Book Nook

It’s true, I really can read!

I finished a book during Amelie’s first year of life. I am so impressed with myself.

THE BOOK: Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

My feeble thoughts: Little Miss CeeCee Honeycutt is a smart girl navigating a very confusing home. Her mentally ill Mom is a mess (although CeeCee loves her fiercely) and her overwhelmed Dad finds every opportunity to avoid dealing with either of them, leaving CeeCee in charge. CeeCee’s already strange world gets flipped upside down when her Mom dies tragically and her Dad ships her south to stay with relatives. Into CeeCee’s life shuffles warmth, love, stability, colorful characters, and adventure. This is a sweet, funny, short novel. To me, I found parallels between this and The Help but it’s far from the same book. I really liked CeeCee and her story.

Grade: B+

Would I recommend it to a stranger on the bus (trying to make his way home)? If you are in the mood for an easy, feel-good read, then yes, absolutely.

What I am reading now: Stones from The River by Ursula Hegi. Admittedly I spend more time flipping through Instagram than I do reading, but I’m hoping to start reading more during my evenings before bed.

2 thoughts on “The Book Nook

  1. I wish we could get together and start a book club. me and you and SIL and your MIL. We could all read different books and give reports on them and then SIL could make those jalepeno and bacon bites and we could watch Amelie dance. love it. lv mamap

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