Friday Tidbits

Whoa! Surprise, I’m posting today. I’ll let you catch your breath before we move on.

When I last checked in with you all, I had painted the kitchen. In true Candace form, I haven’t done anything since (including vacuuming up bits of dried up wallpaper still lingering on the top of the cabinets). Buuut, I started a new project instead!

I started painting the guest bathroom.

My MIL had bought a handful of Sherwin Williams paint samples (they are really big samples) in her journey to find the right color for her own place and sent her cast offs to my house. Yay for free paint and thanks to her good choosing, they are gorgeous colors. The color is Sea Salt and the name delights me. It’s actually pretty similar to Gray Owl (much to Hub’s chagrin…”more gray??”), but more I would consider it more of a light muted blue than gray. Regardless, it’s a big improvement over the ugly beige that we’ve been living with for over a year.

Since I have a knack for not finishing projects, who is to say when I’ll be able to show you this finished project. I’ll keep plugging away though.

Maybe sometime soon, I’ll muster up the courage to start on those gross kitchen cabinets…wish me luck!


Home Sweat Home: The Kitchen

The kitchen saga continues. After my friend Tai helped me remove the hideous wallpaper, it was finally ready for some paint. This day has been a long time coming!

I painted it, wait for it, Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. As it is my way, here is a dark After photo:

It’s the same color as the living room and hallway. Just one big Gray Owl, if you will.

I know Hubs was a little dismayed with my boring color choice but I picked it for several reasons:

  • We have too many paint cans in our closet. It’s sincerely driving me nuts. I just want to use one up instead of going through the work of choosing a new color to use (and then later, store in our already full closet).
  • I couldn’t think of a good color that would coordinate with Gray Owl in the corner where they meet (left side of the french doors in the above picture). I think it looks better as one continuous color.
  •  The ceiling needs to be painted and I thought that might be a fun place to bring in some color instead of the walls.
  • Or bring in color on the island. YHL used this gorgeous navy on the island in their showhouse  and so that’s been on my mind as well.

The only problem with using paint I had on hand is that it’s an eggshell finish, which is not optimal in a splatter prone kitchen. But, I’ve convinced myself that this is ok for Phase 1 of our kitchen update. Eventually, I’d love to redo almost everything but this is the phase that we “pretty up the dingy” while we are saving and planning for a big face lift down the line.

There is so much more to do:

  • paint the cabinets white
  • finish painting the trim
  • replace outlets and covers
  • paint the ceiling
  • refinish floors
  • update the pantry
  • do something with those countertops!

But before we get all worked up about that, let’s revel in where we are and where we came from:

And now:

The gummy carmel cabinets are especially gross in contrast but at least the kitchen is only one color now. Now that’s somethin’ special!


My Amelie

Age: Over 13 months old. She’s our little Big Girl.

She’s been a very tired girl these last two weeks. Her morning naps have been long…so long that I don’t know what to do with myself! And sometimes, she’ll nap again in the afternoon. I know! I’ve been trying to nap with her most days so I am grateful for the extra resting time. It’s been a blessing – thank you, Amelie.

I know why she’s so tired. She mastered a new skill. Amelie is officially walking! Albeit, very slowly with trepidation, but walking nonetheless!

She also shakes her head “no”, can show you her nose and belly button, still roars like a dinosaur, signs “all done”, and gives kisses when she is feeling generous. She obeys commands too: “Come over by Mom”, “Can you hand me that ball?”, “Can you put that in the bin?”. She’s still not talking, but doing a lot of “Ehhh!?!” and her classic move, pointing. She loves to point. She is hilarious and sweet.

Well, most of the time. She has also been experimenting with boundary testing. She’s swatting at us, hollering when she doesn’t get what she wants and this is my personal favorite, blowing frustrated raspberries at me when she’s especially irritated. The other day, she was standing by my chair and I leaned in to rub her back and talk to her. She pulled back and cracked me in the teeth with an old cellphone she was holding. Whoa, that really irked me!

I can tell she is tired and extremely bored at home. She wants to be outside, she wants to be out exploring and being strapped in her stroller at Target does not count. She’s very busy and I admit, I can be lazy in engaging her because truthfully, I just want to stay home. I’m tired!

Here is a picture of us on Mother’s Day. We actually got a huge snowstorm – crazy, huh?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our first Mother’s Day together. I’m very proud of us!


Friday Tidbits

It’s goooone!

You guys, the kitchen wallpaper is finally gone. Can you believe it? I barely do!

Let’s jog your memory with a Before:

As well as a different angle:


My dear friend Tai came out for a visit and spent her hard earned vacation scraping wallpaper with me. I don’t deserve her!

It took us three days since we were working around naps and sightseeing. It would have taken me a century to do by myself!

Helpful tools:

  • Spray bottle for water
  • metal putty knives
  • rags to soak up the excess water
  • and this gadget MamaP lent me moons ago:

This tool gently scores the wallpaper so the water can soak in and loosen the glue. It sped up the project considerably. I have textured walls so I wasn’t too worked up over any scratches it may cause and I plan to sand down the walls before painting anyway.

More After pictures? Ok then.

So much better, right?

One last shot:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tai! You rock my face off. Happy Friday!


Raves and Faves: MARCH

April is over. Slow down, Spring!

Here is my list of March loves. In other words, another chance to List thing-ys. *claps* Late, as always!

1. This song. It makes me sing embarrassingly loud in the car. I will even forgive Pharrell for having only two verses because it’s just so so good. And the music video is everything I hoped it would be. Come on, clap along…

2. My favorite bloggers came out with a line of hooks at Target! I bought myself the octopus in hopes to stay organized.

It hasn’t happened yet because I’m too lazy to hang up the hook. Someday?

3. Track (sorry, a repeat from last month). I love it. Amelie does too:

4. My showering is infrequent and I wash my hair even less than that. When I lived in Minnesota, I could not get away without washing my hair daily but it’s a different story here in Colorado. On the days that I don’t wash but feel like I need some “freshening”, I used dry shampoo. I picked this up at Target for cheap and like it so far:

5. Unlike last month, Amelie has not been sleeping awesome. This is a struggle we’ve had off and on since The Beginning. What I’m thankful for is wisdom. Slowly we’ve come to realize everything is a phase and if it happens to be a tough week, Hubs and I are reassured that it will pass. I didn’t have that wisdom in the early days.

March Raves and Faves of yore: 201120122013.