My Amelie

Age: Over 13 months old. She’s our little Big Girl.

She’s been a very tired girl these last two weeks. Her morning naps have been long…so long that I don’t know what to do with myself! And sometimes, she’ll nap again in the afternoon. I know! I’ve been trying to nap with her most days so I am grateful for the extra resting time. It’s been a blessing – thank you, Amelie.

I know why she’s so tired. She mastered a new skill. Amelie is officially walking! Albeit, very slowly with trepidation, but walking nonetheless!

She also shakes her head “no”, can show you her nose and belly button, still roars like a dinosaur, signs “all done”, and gives kisses when she is feeling generous. She obeys commands too: “Come over by Mom”, “Can you hand me that ball?”, “Can you put that in the bin?”. She’s still not talking, but doing a lot of “Ehhh!?!” and her classic move, pointing. She loves to point. She is hilarious and sweet.

Well, most of the time. She has also been experimenting with boundary testing. She’s swatting at us, hollering when she doesn’t get what she wants and this is my personal favorite, blowing frustrated raspberries at me when she’s especially irritated. The other day, she was standing by my chair and I leaned in to rub her back and talk to her. She pulled back and cracked me in the teeth with an old cellphone she was holding. Whoa, that really irked me!

I can tell she is tired and extremely bored at home. She wants to be outside, she wants to be out exploring and being strapped in her stroller at Target does not count. She’s very busy and I admit, I can be lazy in engaging her because truthfully, I just want to stay home. I’m tired!

Here is a picture of us on Mother’s Day. We actually got a huge snowstorm – crazy, huh?

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our first Mother’s Day together. I’m very proud of us!


6 thoughts on “My Amelie

  1. lol i love the EHHH! she’s such a precious baby! don’t worry Candace! if you are tired we can always take her to the park to play!!!!

  2. Love the dress!!! You both are gorgeous! Amelie seems to be on the right path! She is a doll. Miss you. Lv mamap

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