Friday Tidbits

Whoa! Surprise, I’m posting today. I’ll let you catch your breath before we move on.

When I last checked in with you all, I had painted the kitchen. In true Candace form, I haven’t done anything since (including vacuuming up bits of dried up wallpaper still lingering on the top of the cabinets). Buuut, I started a new project instead!

I started painting the guest bathroom.

My MIL had bought a handful of Sherwin Williams paint samples (they are really big samples) in her journey to find the right color for her own place and sent her cast offs to my house. Yay for free paint and thanks to her good choosing, they are gorgeous colors. The color is Sea Salt and the name delights me. It’s actually pretty similar to Gray Owl (much to Hub’s chagrin…”more gray??”), but more I would consider it more of a light muted blue than gray. Regardless, it’s a big improvement over the ugly beige that we’ve been living with for over a year.

Since I have a knack for not finishing projects, who is to say when I’ll be able to show you this finished project. I’ll keep plugging away though.

Maybe sometime soon, I’ll muster up the courage to start on those gross kitchen cabinets…wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Ooh – that’s a really pretty color. I’ve been told it’s hue can change to be more blue or more green- depending in the lighting. It was one of my finalists from last years painting project. Can’t wait I see the finished project :-)

    • You are right, Tai – this color seems to be a chameleon. It my MIL’s house, it reads green but in my bathroom, it’s blue. She grabbed this sample based on your recommendation, in fact! I’m so glad she did…

    • No! There is always weeding and laundry and creating. If there is no work left to do, how else are you going to burn calories? I’ll keep on keepin’ on, MamaP!

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