My Amelie

AGE: 14 1/2 months

Right after I posted this update, Amelie’s sleep went to crap again. I really enjoyed that stretch of sleepy days but I knew it wasn’t going to last. Alas, it didn’t and her two naps per day were back to being unpredictable again. It’s *really* hard to plan my days when I have no idea what’s going to happen with The Naps. Last week after struggling with each and every nap time for a while, we officially moved her to one nap. What does this mean for us? Every morning, just like all of the other grown up Mommies out there, I have to plan something big for us to do. Like, 4 hours kind of big. I have to have a plan! With a toddler and their 2 minute attention span, that’s not the easiest task. Usually it involves an errand and an activity for her. We go to the bank then the park. We go to Home Depot, then story time at the library. We always end with lunch and she is usually exhausted. I did push her too far one morning and she fell asleep in the car. That cratered our entire day! Curse those mini car naps!

I thought I would dread losing one nap, but it’s actually so much nicer for a few reasons:

  • I have more energy/motivation in the mornings to go out and about.
  • It forces me to look half way presentable before noon.
  • Her afternoon nap is (finally!) predictable and sometimes longer than her previous two naps combined!
  • We have a bigger chunk of time to do something instead of fragmented chunks of time where we can’t do much of anything but we can’t stay home because Amelie is too bored and cranky. Those days were LONG.
  • Conversely during her afternoon nap, I have a substantial amount of time to myself. I usually sneak in a nap and still have time leftover to tackle a project. Before, I didn’t know if I had 40 minutes or 2 1/2 hours to fill. It made me panicky and a little lost with how to spend that very very precious time.

She still won’t sleep without the sleep sack, which is absurdly too small and too warm for summer but we are working on that…

We are noticing how much Amelie is learning and absorbing. As silly as it seems, it comes as a surprise because for so long she has been a baby, you know? Now she understands new words daily that she picks up conversation, not necessarily with her. One evening, Dad was going through the face with her: where is your nose? where is your head? where are your eyes? and so on. He asked her “Where are your cheeks?”. We’ve never taught her that but she grabbed her upper thighs. It cracked me up because I always say “Cheeks, please!” when I change her diaper. She was pointing to her “cheeks”!

She doesn’t say any words with consistency but her comprehension is very comforting. She is not a vocal baby. I think you are a smart little girl, Amelie! I’m a proud Mommy.

Other talents:  Oh, her wobbly walk is so cute! She even picks up speed when Dad is chasing her. It’s her “run”! She’s very proficient!

She can also do a headstand!

Amelie. You make me giggle!

She is very independent. She refuses to hold my hand when we walk, she wants to push the cart if we are out somewhere, she wants to push the wagon instead of ride in it, she wants to push the vacuum while we are cleaning. AND SHE DOES NOT WANT HELP. She gets frustrated by her limitations or if we intervene. Much to my dismay, she tantrums. Sigh.

Food: Ugh. Surprisingly, I really hate this part of parenting. Amelie has no restrictions when it comes to food. The doctor said “She can eat what you eat!”. Fun, right? Well, actually…I eat crap. I eat loads of preservatives. I eat high fructose corn syrup. I eat shredded cheese. Do you know what’s in shredded cheese? You should look it up! I eat too much fat and not enough veggies. I eat bread that has no nutrients. I eat McDonalds! I eat mayo, lots of mayo. I don’t want my little sweetie filled to the brim with this junky stuff. She doesn’t know any different so I want her body to have only healthy goods for her bones and her brain and her skin and her insides. Not pop! Not ice cream and chips and salt galore! Plus, Amelie has only two teeth (should I be concerned?) so she can’t really chow down on a carrot or a hunk of chicken very well. I find feeding her very stressful. It’s hard to think of a well balanced meal that she can eat. She’s already showing preference to sweets and turning down vegetables. She was such a good broccoli eater before! We have been making her spinach smoothies (which are actually delicious) so I feel a little comforted knowing she’s getting something green in her some days.

Lastly, Amelie is a Daddy’s girl. She LOVES him. She squeals when she sees him. She is not an overly smiley or laugh-y girl but he can bring that out in her. I couldn’t ask for a better Daddy for Amelie but in truth, it has made me feel very badly these last few weeks. It hurts my feelings. She wants to play and wrestle and be loud! I want to rest. I’m not really good at playing and wrestling and being loud. I’m a smoocher and stroker and a reader. She finds me ridiculously boring. At least she adores story time at the library. I do too, I wish it was more than two days per week! We sing songs and read books. She sits in my lap and takes it all in. She never does that at home. It’s so fun to be around other little kids and important for Amelie socially. They are all so excited to be there! I love it. It reminds me of my childhood; libraries were a magical place! They still are!


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  1. Totally awesome headstands is right. I am glad you are feeling better. YAY! Head right out to Target and buy her a grocery cart and a plastic vacuum. She can do her cleaning when you do yours and you can put her and her cart in the big cart at the grocery store. Fill up her cart first. How fun. Lv mamap

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