Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby.  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: Where do I even start? Maybe it would be wise to start at the beginning…

We decided to start trying around Amelie’s first birthday. I must admit, I wasn’t ready for another baby but there were a few factors that swayed our decision to try: 1. I’m older; I turned 35 this year. That biological clock is a tricky/scary thing. I felt like I was running out of time and fast. 2. We wanted two kids, eventually, if possible. 3. I suspected it would take us a while to get pregnant, which turned out to be not the case. 4. Lastly, even though I didn’t feel ready for another baby, do you ever feel ready or do you have to just decide?

Since I’ve done more than my fair share of whining about this pregnancy in my non blog life – let me do you a favor by summing up the first 14 weeks as an incredibly miserable experience for me and everyone around me (including Amelie). I was SO TIRED. Like falling asleep in the middle of the day at a track meet in a tent full of high schoolers (one strumming wildly on his guitar) with the starting gun firing every few minutes kind of tired. I was sick, all day, all night, which prevented me from eating and drinking. I was dehydrated. I had an all day headache every day. Worst of all, I was SAD.

How about we take a break from all of the whining and see a bump pic?

The Science: Baby Center recap – 16weeks. I’m now 18 weeks but behind on blogging. Because, of course. I’m so annoyed with myself but I have a hard time even remembering how far along I am! As far as a due date, it’s mid-December. I’d better get my Christmas Everything done way early this year!

Body morphing: Since I’m a little behind, the details are fuzzy. I think I had gained about 6 lbs. at my 16 week appointment. I’ve gained more weight than last time around and I’m certainly showing earlier than I did with Amelie. I’m at that weird stage where maternity pants don’t fit well (all they do is work their way down and bunch up my underwear) but regular jeans feel uncomfortable, especially because I’m always bending over/sitting with Amelie. My boobs took a while to change – which was also unlike my first pregnancy.

Sexy stuff! Before all of the food and drink drama (noted below) came other sexy drama. The first week of my pregnancy, I had terrible cramping. At Amelie’s birthday party, I secretly wished I could lay down while everyone celebrated because I was in pain. I thought it was a nasty impeding period but it was actually implantation. That cramping lasted a few days and was replaced with what I self diagnosed as impacted diarrhea. It’s exactly what you think, diarrhea that can’t come out. It was disgusting and painful. That lasted almost a week! Not cool!

You know what else wasn’t cool? At my first ultrasound (I think I was 9 weeks along), they had a little trouble finding the baby. In fact, they had to bring in a totally different machine and another doctor to find that little sweetie! What they had no trouble finding? A ridiculous amount of poop. I’m always a little confused reading ultrasounds but even I had no trouble identifying all of the poop trapped inside of me on that screen. Finally, scientific validation for literally feeling like crap!

Food drama: You don’t need to care but I had so much food drama. I was sincerely starving all of the time but eating made me so sick and “urpy” that it wasn’t worth it. Drinking anything, but especially water, made me feel even worse. Literally, I had dreams of being hooked up to an IV to get fluids in me. I felt like I was dying of thirst . Not drinking leads to dehydration headaches and more fatigue so it was a blackhole of ugly for a long time. I feel so much better now – just an upset tummy and urpy in the evenings.

Exercising? Is this even worth having in here anymore? I’ve run only a handful of times the entire pregnancy. First, it was due to sickness. But since I’ve felt better? Just LAZY.

To Dos: Our To Dos are fewer as far as prepping for the new baby but I figure I should list them out to help me organize my mind. We borrowed a large amount of baby gear from our neighbor but we had to return it because they needed it back. Bad news is: we have to purchase quite a few things. Good news is: borrowing helped us figure out what we really needed. Every baby is different so we can accumulate as we go along. What we do need: fix the burned out motor of our baby swing and acquire a few more cloth diapers, a second carseat/base, a double stroller, another crib/mattress/sheets…and probably a bigger car.

We are also trying to figure out where to situate the new baby. Do we keep him/her in our bedroom for the early days and then make the two kids share rooms? Do we have a second nursery by moving Hub’s home office downstairs and give up the guest bedroom? Speaking of home related To Dos, there is still so much I’d like to tackle before the baby’s arrival. There is painting, organizing, de-cluttering, decorating. I’m not expecting a miracle boost in energy but I’m hoping for continued progress until December.

And randomly: Even though I’m not nearly as obsessed with being pregnant as I was the first time around, I’m still nervous. The appointments make me fret. I find out the sex in two weeks. I’m excited for that day but scared, just like last time.

24 thoughts on “Baby Bump2 Update

  1. Congratulations….the laziness was also my Baby2 M.O. I didn’t move for just about 6 months except to go to work. I finally got some energy back around 23 weeks (coincidence that summer break also happened right about then?). Now, at 28 weeks, I’m just sore (in new places), struggling to sleep and like you….being asked to play and read books and have races and feed Child1. BTW..December is a good month to have a baby. Child1 would agree. =)

    • I’m right with you, I’m still struggling with needing so much sleep which gets me all panicky knowing my sleep with be very limited when the new baby arrives. You’re paving the way – keep me posted on tips and tricks! I’m relieved to hear you were able to make your December baby feel special during the madness of the holidays – I’ve been thinking a lot about that.

  2. Thanks for being transparent with the struggles as well as the joys of pregnancy/parenting! It’s not always easy or glamorous but you are doing it and doing it well! And looking fabulous, of course! My only sadness is that we are so stinking far apart…would love squeeze Amelie and rub your beautiful baby belly! Hang in there. Momma!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Boo to feeling crazy tired and urpy :-( On the upside – you’re an adorable pregnant lady. Yea Bump2!! :-)

    • *blushes* Why thank you! Thank you for putting up with my fatigue during your last visit – you were so understanding!

  4. What a wonderful update. You are beautiful Hugs and kisses to all of you. I hope the constipation has eased some because that can ruin your whole day. Sign me up for a new swing, some cloth diapers, send me a list and I’ll see what I can do to help get ready for Sweetheart #2. I can’t wait to find out boy/girl so I can pick up a few items. I am excited to travel this 2nd pregnancy journey with my favorite daughter and Amelie’s favorite mom. lv mamap

    • Awww, thank you MamaP. Whoa! You signed up for a lot of baby gear – you need to save your money for books and outfits! :) Thank you for your support – this is going to be an interesting ride!

  5. I am excited and scared as well SIL. What a cool adventure you are both on ::)) Somehow it all works out. lv mamap

    • Yep, it’ll have to work out. We’ll figure out a new normal. Is everyone this scared adding to their family or is it just me?

  6. Sleep, sleep – you’re growing a human….and I’m certain a kind little beauty at that….I’m sorry for all the struggles. I hope that means you will get one of those (not completely real) “easy babies”…. 😉 I am sending love and strength and energy and hope and peace and more energy. I love you and your new babe-to-be!!! (and I can’t wait to find out if it is a bambino or bambina!)

    • You’re the best, Megs! If I don’t get an “easy baby” at least I’m hoping to be an easier Mom. Ha, we’ll see when there is two little people running around in charge! Any tips?
      I have been sleeping so much. Who knew that I would hate napping but when your free time is so limited, naps become a drag. I want to paint and garden and shop! Instead, I’ve been moping around the entire first trimester. I’ll be sharing the gender news SOON! 😀

  7. PS – December is a great month to have a baby (November too…ha!)….use that last minute nesting energy to do some minimal Christmas prep…then use the fact that you just had a baby to skip your non-favorite things and eat a lot of sugar cookies!!!! Win-Win!

    • I’m glad to hear! I worry that this little babe will get overshadowed by the holidays but I’ll work extra hard to keep it separate. I love cookies – looking forward to that!

  8. I am so excited to catch up on the baby news. You will be amazed at how much you both have learned when it comes to parenting. Sounds like things should settle down now for a few months and you will be feeling more like your self. :-)

    • I’m hoping we’ve come a long way already, Lydia! What a ridiculous learning curve! Yes, things are much much better. I don’t feel like myself (like I did with Amelie’s pregnancy) but much better. Can’t complain!

  9. Everybody is afraid of everything. It is difficult not to be. ::)) Just remember not to let it stop you from getting on the ride. Lv mamap

      • Great words here Mama P! That is true….and the funny thing is that fear still can’t bring us the control of things we seek…we have to tame it like a crazy wild horse and make it work for us. Especially with these little babes – there is so much out of our control so I have to remember to just focus on giving them love and helping them be who they are and try not to sweat the other stuff too much. :) Easier said than done but must be my life’s work. :)

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