The baby is a…

We found out the gender a few weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things and not doing much of anything. Forgive me!

It took a while to wrap my brain around having a boy because:

  • Boy parts! Those are very mysterious.
  • We don’t get to reuse any of Amelie’s baby clothes and that makes me sad.
  • We are having trouble coming up with boy names that I like.
  • Girl clothes are ridiculously adorable to buy and think about. Boys clothes aren’t for me. (This is a stupid reason and I shouldn’t even mention it).

Basically having a boy is outside of my comfort zone. Anyone else feel this way?

Silly as it may seem, I bought an outfit for him at Target last week and that made me feel excited to meet him and smooch him. We’re having a boy. Whoa!


8 thoughts on “The baby is a…

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  2. Though I am definitely biased, having a BOY is so, so great…..I think you will LOVE it. It is not pink (usually) but it is glorious BLUE! And, I have never felt a closeness with a little buddy like that. When I found out Nolan was a boy, a friend said – Little girls are Daddy’s angels and little boys are Mommy’s protectors. At the time I thought, huh,….but I get it more and more – there is a mommy-baby boy bond that is extra sweet (though I’m sure baby girls have it too) and there is a different fun energy that little boys have….when I hang with my sister and her two girls, you can see it. Both are truly great and they aren’t that different but you can tell and I think a baby boy will be a sweet addition and balance and keep Amelie on her toes!!!! CONGRATS! And, a great name will come to you – or just be like us and don’t name him until they are kicking you out of the hospital (names are so hard!)! Love to you all!

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