Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: The biggest news since we last chatted is that we found out the gender…and it’s a boy! It took a little while to get used to the idea but I’m excited. Most importantly, the big 20 week ultrasound went super smoothly. I was terribly nervous but the ultrasound tech whizzed through everything and the doctor called us on our way home to say that BabyBoy looked “awesome”. I’m so thankful! Hubs and Amelie joined the fun and although Amelie was very busy during the appointment, it was nice to have us all together.

Here’s a pic and yes, I’m wearing the same pants as I was last time. They do not fit comfortably anymore and will be stashed away for the rest of the year!

 The Science: Baby Center recap – 22weeks. I have been feeling BabyBoy moving for a few weeks now. It’s such a weird/awesome feeling and it never gets old! Never, ever.

Body morphing: My bump really popped this week – I think it’s cute. :)

Sexy stuff! In the last month of so, I’ve been bothered by sciatica. I have this pain only on my right side by my tailbone and it’ll make me yelp or stumble if I catch it just so. It makes taking care of Amelie complicated. In general, I’m having trouble picking her up (especially from her deep crib), playing with her and doing diaper changes on the floor. Yesterday it flared up and I was hobbling around but today it’s better. I didn’t have this with my first pregnancy. I’m also still very tired but it’s nothing like the fatigue from the first trimester. It must be because I’m chasing after a toddler all day and high schoolers all afternoon?

Food drama: None. You guys, NONE. I am so relieved!

Exercising? Actually, I’ve gotten myself a little exercise. I’ve been running 1-2/week and I hope to continue as long as I can. Running feels very heavy “down there” and I’m always sore but it’s good to get out and move. I started coaching cross country this week so that will help/force me to be more active than I have been. I’ve been sleeping so soundly because of the exercise too – yay!

To Dos: Hubs bought a pack and play off of Craigslist today so that’s done! We’ll keep BabyBoy in that initially until we get the rooms figured out. Although it pains me a little, I want to consign Amelie’s outgrown clothes and start picking out boy stuff. Other than getting general house To Dos checked off like finishing all of my half started painting projects, I think our next big item is a new carseat for Amelie so the baby can use her old one. And just because I tend to be neurotic, I’ve picked out a few Christmas gifts already. Go ahead, judge me! I know I’m insane.

And randomly: It was MIL’s idea to make a reveal cake because we had family visiting when I had my 20 week ultrasound. My MIL baked it and I added the colored frosting and assembled it myself to keep everything secret. I must be honest, having them here made me even more fearful of the appointment. If we were to find out something didn’t look right, I didn’t want to come home to a house full of guests awaiting the news of the gender. I would have needed some alone time. Thankfully, there were only reasons to celebrate and having them in town made the day very joyful for me.

You can’t tell from this angle but there is blue frosting in the middle! :)

Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 22 week pregnancy pic with Amelie:

Until next time! Hopefully I can get my act together and post more regularly. I’ve been bad about posting mostly because I don’t want to get my picture taken. I never feel presentable. Rightfully so because I rarely shower.

6 thoughts on “Baby Bump2 Update

  1. I love Baby Boy Garbo (BBG?)! See, he is already cooperating so much more! :) Way to go with keeping up on it all – I really enjoyed running with my little Knox but had to switch to walking a bit sooner because of the heaviness too. The ligaments are just a little more stretchy. But, I did a power hill walk almost every day and I know it helped on many fronts! Give yourself a pat on the back for ALL you are DOING already…and take some easy days to just enjoy it. Can you remind me when the due date is again?

    Also, at some point during pregnancy, I was having this pain in my hip/glute/etc and I worried I’d have to stop running/picking up Nolan/etc but I went to a chiropractor and after only one time, it was done. I kept active the rest the time and didn’t have any more trouble with it (apparently the muscles were pulling my looser ligaments differently on each side or something to that effect….) though I decided to keep going to him every 2-4 weeks while pregnant just to keep everything lined up (hoping it would make an easier exit when it was time). :)

  2. You & your bump are adorable Candace! You look GREAT!! And YEA for no food drama – whoo-hoo!!
    I’m also super happy that Baby Boy Garbow is doing awesome – way to go little man! Can’t wait to meet you & snuggle you & ooh&ahh over you :-)

  3. Glad you seem to have turned tides and feel better. Let me just say…sciatica sucks. I had it through both pregnancies and hope that you can find a chiropractor/osteopath to help if it gets worse. I discovered good shoes really can make a difference…though it affects the cuteness of maternity fashion. When I’m on my feet all day, my Chacos have enough summer support to help. LOVE that you did a gender reveal. That pic is so cool.

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