My Amelie

AGE: 16 months

It’s been waaay too long since my last My Amelie post. Littles change so quickly that it’s hard to know what to catch you up on. I’ll do my best!

She *finally* has more teeth coming! After a few nights where Amelie was acting out of character, we realized that new teeth are on their way. We are excited – it’ll expand her food options considerably! Other than her new teeth, I want to mention sleep. Generally speaking, she has been a great sleeper. We put Dinasaur in the crib and she wraps her arm around his (her?) neck and lays right down to sleep. After many months of hard fought bedtimes, she is easy right now. I know that could change so I’m not taking it for granted! She sleeps from about 7.15pm to 7.15am, sometimes with a few wakes in between but she usually puts herself back to bed.

In the last few months, she’s had some flare ups with diaper rash but we have that under control. I suspected the first round, which was especially bad, was due to eating citrus fruits and this latest much milder bought was due to teething. Who knows though, poor girl!

She can woof like a puppy, moo like a cow, snort like a pig, hiss like a snake and say a few words: Dada, Mama, bear, and bubbles (she’s only said that once). She doesn’t talk much at all but she knows a lot of words. Although I’ll get sentimental sorting through her baby clothes prepping for BabyBoy, I really like this stage so much better than BabyVillle. I love that I can communicate with her and she understands. She helps me pick the apples that drop into our yard from the neighbor’s tree for the compost bin. If she spills, she’ll help us wipe it up. She puts her “bed time” nuk back in her crib when we ask. She grabs her shoes for us to put on. She “helps” us with putting on sunscreen – although she usually misses and smears it into her shorts or rubs it into her eyes…

She can also “jump”. Her feet don’t leave the ground but it’s about the cutest thing ever see her hop around the house.

Friends: She’s not overly social but she is big into sharing – especially with Daddy, other kids and her stuffies. She shares everything, including food that she may or may not have already put into her own mouth. She enjoys watching other kids and has been especially entertained when we’ve had visitors stay at our house. Her other friends include a growing posse of stuffies: Dinosaur*, Baby Bear*, Fox*, Lamb and Bunny. (*her favorites)

Activities: She demands engagement. I totally get how people’s houses get overrun with toys. I’m far from a collector but I’m willing to fill corners of the house with play things just to buy a few minutes of time! A neighbor down the street has an entire den dedicated to the kiddies. It’s a play place heaven! Thank goodness for folks like that; we’ll be making a play date soon. Amelie also loves books. She prefers being read to but I’ll catch her flipping through books on her own in her car seat or in the living room. I have always loved books so this thrills me.

Filling our mornings is still difficult but I’m slowly figuring out a list of options to spend time: the library story time (we never miss it), play places in town and at the mall, the local children’s museum, and sometimes I take her somewhere to run around like Target or Home Depot. I can’t do any real shopping but at least she enjoys exploring! It’s kind of weird to hang out in an aisle of Target at 9am following her all around but on especially hot days, it’s something to do.

I signed her up for gymnastics (starts next week!) and hope to get her into a swimming and music class as well. Everything costs lots of money but it’s worth the new experiences for her. I figure any money I make coaching (which is very little) will go directly to Amelie experiences: camp, classes, anything to get her out with other kids and learning new things.

She is a kind and inquisitive little lady. I think she’s awesome.

12 thoughts on “My Amelie

  1. I miss that sweet little face! And am always amazed at her hair! Did she get bangs? Or is that just that wispy baby hair fighting the ponytail? :-) Regardless, she just keeps getting cuter & cuter. Big hugs to the little lady!

    • She misses you! She doesn’t have bangs – it’s just the wispies that don’t fit in her pony tail. Her hair is amazing!

  2. What an unbelievable little granddaughter you two have produced. She came with kindness and teeth and smiles galore – plus a great sense of adventure.
    And the party is just beginning. love and lv mamap

  3. Of course she does. You won’t be able to tell us apart once I get a little red dye in those beautiful locks – I have just as many teeth and wrinkly knees. Lv Lvmamap

  4. So fun! Little girls do get more and more fun and more and more ‘helpful.’ I loved watching my little one in activities (like story time and swim lessons). We started gymnastics last fall and M loves it! I also recommend swim lessons….so cute and when they’re little…it gets you in the pool smiling more than you usually do when in a swimsuit. =)

    • Thank you for the recommendation – I signed Amelie up for swim lessons as well. Daddy took her when I was coaching at a meet and she loved every second of it and did not want to get out of the pool!

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