Makeup Organization

Organization makes me giddy. Color coordinated closets, bins and baskets with labels, gift wrapping stations, labels, pegboards, ridiculously awesome pantries…all of these things make me feel good. Junk drawers? ¬†Haphazard hodgepodge of crap in all of our closets? Stuff crammed angrily into a garage? Those do not make me feel good. Unfortunately, we have a lot of those going on in this house…

For example, starting each morning with this makeup drawer disaster was a bit of a bummer:

A long while ago, my MIL had given us a few drawer dividers and shelves that didn’t fit in her new place. Just this week, I decided to plop one in my bathroom vanity to organize my makeup. It took me 30 seconds.

Does it fit everything perfect? Nah. Does it fit everything pretty darn good? YES! How in the world it took me this long to do this, I will never understand. It’s the little things that can color a morning for better, you know?

I’m sorry that this post was a little on the lame side but that’s what I’m working with these days. But, here is a great blog to keep you inspired!


5 thoughts on “Makeup Organization

  1. It’s wonderful – I need these simple things to pop in! Otherwise, I won’t organize at all and will continue to have toothpaste smears in the drawer. :O

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