Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: Tired as always but hey, I think most people in the world feel this way…especially Mommies.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 32weeks. Baby Boy is crowding me. He’s stretching up under my ribs and sometimes (it feels like) past my pelvis simultaneously!

Body morphing: I had another doctor appointment this week. It was the routine pee-in-a-cup, check your weight and get measured type of day. I’ve gained about 18-20 lbs, which is considerably more weight than I had gained by this point with Amelie. The doctor measured my bump and of course, I was measuring quite small. I was so small that she wanted to do an ultrasound to check the baby’s size and my fluids. Ugh, this is exactly what spurred our nutty/emotional day during my pregnancy with Amelie…you remember this drama that all started with Amelie measuring too small, right?

During the ultrasound, the doctor said my fluids are fine and that the baby is small but I couldn’t tell if she was concerned or not. She didn’t have me schedule anything special. She gave me a picture of him (that I can’t really decipher to be honest) and sent me home. It’s one of those weird things. Most days, I feel like this is how I do pregnancy. He’s going to be a small baby just like Amelie was. But when everyone I run into exclaims how small I am, I start to fret. I know they are mostly surprised and trying to be sweet. A friend even suggested I supplement with protein shakes to try and up my calories during the day, but I already eat when I’m hungry. Am I really doing anything wrong?

I’m trying not to worry because worrying doesn’t change anything. My next appointment isn’t for another month. I wish I could get an ultrasound every week!

Sexy stuff! Of course, there is always the restless sleep. I think I may have jinxed myself in the last update because I woke up to a leg cramp the wee hours of Sunday morning. It ripped both Hubs and I awake. I was howling trying to pull myself to standing but it’s awful hard when your ab muscles have long ago been buried by baby-creating goodies and your leg is stick straight like a mannequin. Hubs didn’t know what to do so he was trying to get me to lay back down and we were in this slow motion zombie fight/dance. My calf finally released and we both collapsed back into bed. It’s super sore today.

Food drama: None still! I eat small frequent meals and have even expanded on my typical applesauce and graham cracker diet now that we are focusing on more rounded meals for Amelie. Hubs is an amazing cook and I’m so thankful for his cooking, grocery shopping and meal planning. I drink coffee though. It’s only a cup but I wish I could cut out caffeine completely. But cinnamon coffee (with creamer of course) is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Exercising? Pfffttt! Silly exercise!

To Dos: I need to schedule a hospital tour and pre-register. I need to decide on circumcision. I need to re-sterilize my breast pump! We need a car and a car seat. The rest is coming into place, I feel like. The more we clean, organize and shop ahead of time (especially for the upcoming holidays), the better I feel. Oh, and we have yet to pick a name still!

And randomly: My cross country season is winding down and I’m hoping to take advantage of these newly free weekends (and weekday afternoons if Amelie’s naps cooperate) to get ready for the little guy. I’ll miss seeing my high schoolers but I’m thankful for the time off.

Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 32 week pregnancy pic with Amelie:

Home Sweat Home: Outside Updates for Fall

This is not going to be the most captivating post; a departure from my usual, I know. I don’t even have any pictures to show you. But, I do have a few more outside updates to fill you in on because celebrating progress is always important!

In this post, I mentioned that we were hoping to get a few things done before summer set. I wanted to fix up our deck, remove the hot tub and walkway, as well as fertilize the lawn. Well, we didn’t get to all of that. But last week we hired someone to aerate and fertilize! Normally I would have loved to DIY this but our To Do list is long and nap time is much too short. Hiring help is a good plan for us. We grabbed a bag of grass seed and top soil so that’s what we’ve been working this past week. We hope it will bring some life back to our neglected and decrepit lawn. Cross your fingers that this all works!

The leaves are starting to fall and we have more apples to clean up but that’ll be it for this fall’s Outside To Dos.

My aspirations for Spring:

  • Fertilize again because we are in serious rehab mode now
  • Fix the deck (install railings, remove walkway, and secure any loose boards)
  • Fix sprinkler system. It’s currently hosed (har har) and it’s the main reason why our lawn sucks.
  • Remove hot tub
  • Powerwash the deck (it’s needs a really good scrubbing)

Anyone else doing some last minute lawn CPR before the snow flies? By this time last year, we had already gotten dumped on!

Home Sweat Home: Master Linen Closet

Oh boy oh boy, another linen closet! Who’s excited?!

This is the master linen closet. It sits at the end of our hallway upstairs, sandwiched between our room and Amelie’s nursery. As you can see, there was a whole lot going on in here and none of it was helpful:

Towels would explode out at me each time I opened it. It actually looks a teeny bit better than usual because I had transferred some items to the downstairs guest bathroom linen closet, which freed up space in this one.

I created a plan, like last time. I know our needs will probably change but for now I thought this would be a pretty good system.

My main goals were to get cleaning products and medicine out of reach of exploring little hands, as well as store all of our extra bathroom products here so it would be easier to see if we were out of anything. I also wanted to keep only the linens for the master bedroom since Amelie and Baby Boy’s linens can stay in the nursery for the time being.

I cleaned everything out. Like the other closets, it’s marred with stained contact paper. One of the shelves even has a burn mark.

I have no idea what the previous owners were storing on that shelf, their hot iron?

This closet also houses a little secret. We have a whole-house-fan in the hallway. It’s pretty awesome/scary. When you turn it on, it sounds like a tornado and the house cools down in minutes on a hot day. The switch to turn on the fan is in this closet:

This closet was more difficult for me to organize because we have to store so much more stuff in it. It filled up fast!

I’d love it to be a more open and airy but everything is kind of crammed in there. At least it has order (in my mind), although it’s not all pretty. I’m hoping once we live with it for a while, we can see what really needs to stay, what can go and if this system works for us.

I once again employed my trick of storing all of our plastic bags in a fabric bag that new sheets had come in. You know the bag. The bag where you could never ever fold a sheet up like that again to fit back in it? It’s perfect to house our overflow of plastic bags. We try to use mostly cloth for grocery shopping and such but somehow we still end up accumulating plastic bags here and there, which we use to line our bathroom trash cans. The plastic bag storage was a happy accident since I am trying to use only what I have on hand.

Eventually, I’d love to overhaul this space with new shelving (set at the levels of MY choosing), fresh paint and new bins. For now though, I am working with what I have.

In the name of progress, like the other closet, this door has been painted! I have yet to switch out the hinges but those are sitting in my other closet downstairs begging to be on a door instead of taking up space. I need to get on that.

The quarter round is also in, although only half-caulked and not yet painted. And even though the blue stairs and hallway boob light are still alive (and not so well), we’ve come a ways from the very beginnings, huh?

Even though it’s gorgeous and fall-ish outside, anyone else doing spring cleaning like I am?

Friday Tidbits

Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on a Friday, eh? I’ve been meaning to but you know how good intentions slip away into darkness sometimes. This is post is going to be chalk full of random. Are you ready?

Remember my old Raves & Faves feature? I’ve decided to nix them. I found them difficult to pull together, I was always months behind and I felt like they were kind of boring to read (whereas the rest of my blog material is totally stellar). But since I’ve come across some amazing music this summer, I wanted to share: this gorgeous ballad by super singer Sam Smith (oh when the choir joins in…), this funny funky song by the talented Meghan Trainor, and Sia, who gives me chills with her vocals. Click through for some musical awesomeness.

Fall. Oh my goodness how I love the fall. The pumpkins, the warm drinks, boot weather, the smell of cinnamon and caramel. It’s the very best. Remember the tree that I wanted cut down in our backyard but was talked out of it by Erik the Arborist?

Thankfully I have some sense to listen to professionals. Look at it now:

And way back during this blog’s beginnings, I spray painted two faux pumpkins white. I discovered them in the Halloween bin while cleaning out the guest bath linen closet and now I’ve officially “decorated” for fall. It’s not much but I love seeing them displayed on our kitchen table. Plus, it’ll be easy to put away come Christmas time.

I’m not trying to skip too quickly past fall because it’s my favorite time of year, but getting organized for the holidays since I am due mid-Dec has been buzzing around my brain. I’m brainstorming Christmas cards, decorations and gifts and trying to strategize a plan to get it done all well in advance. I need to start being more efficient with my evenings because nap time melts away into an endless cycle of laundry and cleanup-after-meals type of tasks and I feel like I can’t make any head way. No matter what your circumstances, it doesn’t hurt to give the holidays some forward thought. Here are two helpful posts on just that:

But before I gather up too much Christmas cheer, I have to work on Amelie’s Halloween costume. It’s the farthest thing from creative or elaborate. In fact, it’s probably perfect because I imagine she’ll wear the thing for about 26 seconds. I better have the camera ready!

Happy Friday everyone!


My Amelie

AGE: 18 months

My goodness it’s difficult to get a decent picture of her. She has no patience for the camera! You should see the family pics we tried to take this weekend. How come the masterful Emily Griffith has to live all the way in Maine? I need her superhero skills baaad.

Summary: You know what? My little sweetie is back to her normal self. She’s gotten through this latest round of teething/diaper rash/cold. Oh how I had missed that dimple smile! I hadn’t seen it for a long while until now. Not every day is free from crankiness but at least it’s mostly normal toddler stuff.

Stats: I’ve noticed Amelie is much bigger than kids her age and every time another Mommy asks how old she is – they are always surprised by my reply. Doting Daddy chalked it up to her amazing hair; it’s long, gorgeous and does make her look older. But I was starting to feel sensitive about her size. Well, now we’ve got the stats to prove it – she’s my big girl.

  • Height: 2′ 9.5″ – 93% (she’s the height of an average 2 year old!)
  • Weight: 24lbs 11 oz – 76% (no wonder I’m exhausted carrying her around all day)

Verbal: She is not really talking. She says Dadda and sometimes Mama. She’ll sign a few more words but that’s about it. She’s right on the cusp of being “behind” but the doctor said it’s probably due to her observant personality instead of any concern development-wise. It’s something that they are watching though. I’m trying to not to worry. Her comprehension is excellent and I believe she’s a thinker like her Daddy. Amelie, in a world that cannot stop blabbing, this is a good thing.

Socializing: This has gotten easier too now that Amelie is feeling better. No more swatting at innocents that get too close to her. She watches other children intently but still only plays side by side (or more preferably, playing with Daddy instead). She’s still swatting when she gets irked but we are working on that.

Food: She loves to feed herself with a bowl and spoon! It must be so empowering. She’s not eating much variety but I’m trying to cut down on juices and packaged crap per the doctor’s suggestions. Everything contains so much sugar! I’ve been eating terribly myself so I need to do the same.

Amelie is a little neat freak. She points at any crumbs/dirt/lint/who-knows-what on the floor or stairs. Believe me Amelie, I already know our house is a mess from way up at my level. Anyway, she also does not like sticky stuff on her hands. Although she enjoys playing with her food, she insists we clean up any spills or smears on her tray, bib or clothes.

I forgot to mention this in the last update but it’s too cute not share, albeit a little outdated. Grandma watches Amelie for me a few afternoons/week so I can coach cross country. One afternoon, Amelie woke up from her nap and when Grandma went to get her – she was greeted with a very stinky nursery. Assuming she had a big poopy diaper she moved in closer and to her horror realized a very clean diaper was sitting on the floor but a whole mess of poop was inside her crib! Amelie had taken off her diaper, thrown it “overboard” and well… Poop was smeared over everything – the crib, the sheets, her clothes, her hair, sleepsack, her dinosaur and on her hands! She did not like the poop on her hands, that’s for sure! Grandma had to call in Daddy for backups (he works from home). After a few loads of laundry and two baths for Amelie, everything seemed to be de-poopified. Hilariously gross!

Talents: Of course, I think she is quite talented. She can prance around on her tippy toes, she can run, and she’s a great climber. I’ve been taking her to the older story time at the library because she’s getting bored of other one. Gymnastics has ended but we still have swimming lessons through the end of this month. She LOVES swimming lessons. We’ve been walking to her lessons as a family (Amelie rides in her red wagon) and if I’ve shaved, I smash my pregnant belly into a swimsuit and join her and Daddy in the pool. I try not think about being 8 months pregnant and in a bikini.

Especially though, Amelie adores make-believe. Daddy is good at sparking her imagination with her stuffies and thinking of new ways to play with her toys. I need to brush up on my pretend-skills. I’m an old fuddy duddy now and my mind goes blank!

Two times in the last few weeks, Amelie has woken up crying strangely after putting her down for the night. Again, she’s in another funny phase where she isn’t sleeping awesome but these cries sound different to me. I’ve gone into her nursery and something frantic about her makes me rush and pick her up. She’s usually standing with her sleep sack and Dinosaur clutched tightly and the moment I have her in my arms, she lays against me and sleeps. I kinda think she’s having nightmares?

Randomly: She doesn’t go anywhere without Dinosaur and her sleep sack (which she occasionally wears around her neck like a massive infinity scarf). When she’s just woken up or getting settled in for a nap/bedtime, she strokes her sleep sack between her fingers and very much enjoys it if you join her in doing so. I usually pat her on the back after she has had her milk to try and burp her (btw, Daddy taught her how to make fake burping sounds) but it’s mostly for me to get a few snuggles in. Lately while in my arms, she’s been reaching back to pat herself on the butt, showing me that’s what she prefers! It’s SO cute. I oblige and give her the butt pats instead. I love you very much, Amelie!


Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: I’m napping infrequently during the week (although I do have to give myself a long pep talk first) and I’m motivated to make any sort of progress on my To Do list. My cross country season is wrapping up, I am excited for the upcoming holidays and I think I’m in nesting mode! Only two more months to go! (Maybe less, ack!)

The Science: Baby Center recap – 30weeks. I need more time but I really don’t enjoy being pregnant. I feel bad for admitting it but from the very beginning, this pregnancy has been hard on me emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am tired of being tired. My back hurts, my legs burn walking or going up stairs, and my belly feels big and awkward now. Doing anything is cumbersome, even talking on the phone since I get out of breath easily.

Body morphing: I think my belly really grew this week! It feels bigger and rounder. He’s been kicking me a lot in the ribs. Thankful for his movement, nonetheless.

Sexy stuff! Of course, there is always the restless sleep but nothing new to report.

Food drama: I get heartburn in the evenings if I eat or drink too much but honestly, no drama on this front. I’m so thankful.

Exercising? I’m back to walking at practice! I’m counting any movement at all as exercise. Vacuuming? Sure. Getting Amelie in and out of the car? Yes! Blogging? Why not?

To Dos: Hubs has been busy. While I’ve been spending a lot of time organizing the guest bathroom linen closet (seriously low priority), he has been getting things done that actually need to be done. He bought a double stroller off of Craigslist. He bought a new swing (since we burned out the motor on Amelie’s old one). He’s researching a new car. Thank goodness he’s my partner!!

And randomly: Both of my SILs were pregnant and due this fall. My Minnesota SIL had her baby girl in September and now my other SIL is about to give birth within the next day or two. That means I’m in the batter’s box! *queue panicking*

Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 30 week pregnancy pic with Amelie:


Home Sweat Home: The Guest Bath Linen Closet

As I mentioned in my latest baby bump2 update, the linen closets in our house have been driving me bonkers. When we moved in, I had crammed things into every closet to get everything “put away”…planning to address them all in a reasonable amount of time and pretty them up kinda like this. Fast forward almost 2 years and our closets have only gotten more chaotic.

Let’s look closer:

Shockingly, this is the most organized closet in the house. You should see the others. (Oh, you will soon enough). I didn’t label every last thing stashed in there but you get the idea. I don’t know why but if I start off with a gross space, it’s like I purposely try to make it look worse by jamming things in extra sloppy. It’s like it’s a lost cause or something. Anyone else do that?

Also? The previous owners had more cabling routed through this closet. It was dangling from the ceiling like a scary snake. We lived with it for a long while until one day my postpartum hormones encouraged me to rip it out. As it turned out, the smallish rough hole in the ceiling accidentally turned into a bigger one…

I guess I need to patch that. I need to do a lot of things.

There are a few reasons why I decided to tackle this closet first (even though it’s the least used):

  • It seemed less intimidating
  • It wouldn’t wake Amelie (whereas the master linen closet is right next to her nursery)
  • I’d be shuffling stuff out to our garage and transplanting items from the master linen closet in here. Doing this first would free up space, making the master linen closet easier to tackle down the line

I decided to jot down my plan for this closet. What do I really want it to be used for? Our closets are on the puny side in this house. Even so, I want each closet to have a dedicated purpose instead of having a catch-all-because-we-have-small-closets-vibe. Not only is this bathroom for guests but I use it quite often to shower/blow dry my hair when I don’t want to risk waking Amelie. That being said, this closet should be stocked with basics that I need as well as guests for when they come.

I moved most of the holiday bins and gift wrap stuff to the guest room (yay for moving messes around!) and tried to stick to my plan. Eventually the holiday madness will all go in the garage but I have Halloween AND Christmas on my mind as of late, so I’m keeping those out while I get some projects done and gifts wrapped.

Anyway, here is the “After”:

Although far from what I had dreamed as being “pretty”, it feels much better now.

Before, everything was spread between the master linen closet and this one and it was hard to tell if we were low on products/toiletries. Also, I was always running around gathering up towels and new sheets for when guests came. Now with one quick glance, I can tell if anything needs to be restocked or washed. That feels nice!

Admittedly, the closet still needs serious TLC. It’s missing baseboards, the shelves are lined with mismatched contact paper, the ceiling hole needs to be patched, it needs paint, etc. I want to redo it entirely. That’s not going to happen anytime soon with Baby Boy on his way this winter. Plus, redoing the closet makes me consider redoing the entire bathroom and THAT is a few years and a few buckets of cash away from now.

Buuuut, I did paint the door ages ago. I never showed you because ohmergerd-another-door-painted-Zinc-is-on-the-blog-today?! As I teased in this post, I did also manage to get one coat of paint done in the bathroom itself (not the closet though). It needs a second coat and since I only had a sample, I’ll need to run out and get more paint from Sherwin Williams. Although, I refuse to buy more paint until I’ve used up cans of paint that I’ve already opened for other projects (ahem like the kitchen cabinets, noooo! the remaining interior doors, cough the railings, mutters the quarter round, chokes the green dresser in the nursery, and SO ON). I have so many opened paint cans stashed in the linen closet by the laundry room that I’m worried the paint will be useless and crunchy by the time I get around to finishing anything.


Thinking ahead, I imagine that this will be Amelie’s bathroom someday. I’ve been eyeing this adorable cart from Ikea for her play area (more on that sometime eventually one day hopefully but probably not anytime soon):

So cute, right? I thought it might be nice to have another cart for this bathroom. Especially if we swap out the current bulky vanity for a slim pedestal sink, she can cram all of her delights for getting ready in the morning in the cart which she could wheel out and stash back into the closet when she’s done!

But, I’m getting way ahead of myself now. I need to stop. Can you believe I wrote this long of a blog post on a linen closet? With a hole in the ceiling and missing baseboards? With spiderwebs and mismatched linens?