Home Sweat Home: The Guest Bath Linen Closet

As I mentioned in my latest baby bump2 update, the linen closets in our house have been driving me bonkers. When we moved in, I had crammed things into every closet to get everything “put away”…planning to address them all in a reasonable amount of time and pretty them up kinda like this. Fast forward almost 2 years and our closets have only gotten more chaotic.

Let’s look closer:

Shockingly, this is the most organized closet in the house. You should see the others. (Oh, you will soon enough). I didn’t label every last thing stashed in there but you get the idea. I don’t know why but if I start off with a gross space, it’s like I purposely try to make it look worse by jamming things in extra sloppy. It’s like it’s a lost cause or something. Anyone else do that?

Also? The previous owners had more cabling routed through this closet. It was dangling from the ceiling like a scary snake. We lived with it for a long while until one day my postpartum hormones encouraged me to rip it out. As it turned out, the smallish rough hole in the ceiling accidentally turned into a bigger one…

I guess I need to patch that. I need to do a lot of things.

There are a few reasons why I decided to tackle this closet first (even though it’s the least used):

  • It seemed less intimidating
  • It wouldn’t wake Amelie (whereas the master linen closet is right next to her nursery)
  • I’d be shuffling stuff out to our garage and transplanting items from the master linen closet in here. Doing this first would free up space, making the master linen closet easier to tackle down the line

I decided to jot down my plan for this closet. What do I really want it to be used for? Our closets are on the puny side in this house. Even so, I want each closet to have a dedicated purpose instead of having a catch-all-because-we-have-small-closets-vibe. Not only is this bathroom for guests but I use it quite often to shower/blow dry my hair when I don’t want to risk waking Amelie. That being said, this closet should be stocked with basics that I need as well as guests for when they come.

I moved most of the holiday bins and gift wrap stuff to the guest room (yay for moving messes around!) and tried to stick to my plan. Eventually the holiday madness will all go in the garage but I have Halloween AND Christmas on my mind as of late, so I’m keeping those out while I get some projects done and gifts wrapped.

Anyway, here is the “After”:

Although far from what I had dreamed as being “pretty”, it feels much better now.

Before, everything was spread between the master linen closet and this one and it was hard to tell if we were low on products/toiletries. Also, I was always running around gathering up towels and new sheets for when guests came. Now with one quick glance, I can tell if anything needs to be restocked or washed. That feels nice!

Admittedly, the closet still needs serious TLC. It’s missing baseboards, the shelves are lined with mismatched contact paper, the ceiling hole needs to be patched, it needs paint, etc. I want to redo it entirely. That’s not going to happen anytime soon with Baby Boy on his way this winter. Plus, redoing the closet makes me consider redoing the entire bathroom and THAT is a few years and a few buckets of cash away from now.

Buuuut, I did paint the door ages ago. I never showed you because ohmergerd-another-door-painted-Zinc-is-on-the-blog-today?! As I teased in this post, I did also manage to get one coat of paint done in the bathroom itself (not the closet though). It needs a second coat and since I only had a sample, I’ll need to run out and get more paint from Sherwin Williams. Although, I refuse to buy more paint until I’ve used up cans of paint that I’ve already opened for other projects (ahem like the kitchen cabinets, noooo! the remaining interior doors, cough the railings, mutters the quarter round, chokes the green dresser in the nursery, and SO ON). I have so many opened paint cans stashed in the linen closet by the laundry room that I’m worried the paint will be useless and crunchy by the time I get around to finishing anything.


Thinking ahead, I imagine that this will be Amelie’s bathroom someday. I’ve been eyeing this adorable cart from Ikea for her play area (more on that sometime eventually one day hopefully but probably not anytime soon):

So cute, right? I thought it might be nice to have another cart for this bathroom. Especially if we swap out the current bulky vanity for a slim pedestal sink, she can cram all of her delights for getting ready in the morning in the cart which she could wheel out and stash back into the closet when she’s done!

But, I’m getting way ahead of myself now. I need to stop. Can you believe I wrote this long of a blog post on a linen closet? With a hole in the ceiling and missing baseboards? With spiderwebs and mismatched linens?

11 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: The Guest Bath Linen Closet

    • Thank you for the encouragement, dear friend! I hope one day to have a much sweeter After pic with pretty pretty paint and bins and tags and shelves and lovelies.

  1. Wow, the candace! Super job. I think I finally donated my last rolls of Christmas paper and will use tissue paper or bags from now on. I still have a bag of bows from 1991 ::)) Help!!! My bathroom closet is full of toliet paper. I buy tons of that and shampoo. ::)) Keep up the good work. One closet down. Only two to go, if I remember correctly. That is hard when you have no storage ::(( See you soon. Lv mamap

    • Smart to streamline the Christmas wrap – bags and tissue paper are the way to go. Most gifts are difficult to wrap anyway. Good memory, only two to go! I may have tackled the master linen closet last weekend…I’ll be showing you soon.

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