Home Sweat Home: Master Linen Closet

Oh boy oh boy, another linen closet! Who’s excited?!

This is the master linen closet. It sits at the end of our hallway upstairs, sandwiched between our room and Amelie’s nursery. As you can see, there was a whole lot going on in here and none of it was helpful:

Towels would explode out at me each time I opened it. It actually looks a teeny bit better than usual because I had transferred some items to the downstairs guest bathroom linen closet, which freed up space in this one.

I created a plan, like last time. I know our needs will probably change but for now I thought this would be a pretty good system.

My main goals were to get cleaning products and medicine out of reach of exploring little hands, as well as store all of our extra bathroom products here so it would be easier to see if we were out of anything. I also wanted to keep only the linens for the master bedroom since Amelie and Baby Boy’s linens can stay in the nursery for the time being.

I cleaned everything out. Like the other closets, it’s marred with stained contact paper. One of the shelves even has a burn mark.

I have no idea what the previous owners were storing on that shelf, their hot iron?

This closet also houses a little secret. We have a whole-house-fan in the hallway. It’s pretty awesome/scary. When you turn it on, it sounds like a tornado and the house cools down in minutes on a hot day. The switch to turn on the fan is in this closet:

This closet was more difficult for me to organize because we have to store so much more stuff in it. It filled up fast!

I’d love it to be a more open and airy but everything is kind of crammed in there. At least it has order (in my mind), although it’s not all pretty. I’m hoping once we live with it for a while, we can see what really needs to stay, what can go and if this system works for us.

I once again employed my trick of storing all of our plastic bags in a fabric bag that new sheets had come in. You know the bag. The bag where you could never ever fold a sheet up like that again to fit back in it? It’s perfect to house our overflow of plastic bags. We try to use mostly cloth for grocery shopping and such but somehow we still end up accumulating plastic bags here and there, which we use to line our bathroom trash cans. The plastic bag storage was a happy accident since I am trying to use only what I have on hand.

Eventually, I’d love to overhaul this space with new shelving (set at the levels of MY choosing), fresh paint and new bins. For now though, I am working with what I have.

In the name of progress, like the other closet, this door has been painted! I have yet to switch out the hinges but those are sitting in my other closet downstairs begging to be on a door instead of taking up space. I need to get on that.

The quarter round is also in, although only half-caulked and not yet painted. And even though the blue stairs and hallway boob light are still alive (and not so well), we’ve come a ways from the very beginnings, huh?

Even though it’s gorgeous and fall-ish outside, anyone else doing spring cleaning like I am?

6 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Master Linen Closet

  1. Oh I love a good cleaning/organizing project! I just got some cute gray & white fabric bins for our linen closet as well. It, too, needs some major love & attention. Why do things start to jump out of there at us when it goes so long without a little love? You have inspired me C! Nice work Mama!! :)

  2. Wow thecandace! Good work! You have inspired me as well. I have cleaned out kitchen cupboards as well and put in shelf liner (15 years later) Ha! I have a pile of donateable goods to go soon. Plan some things to do when I am there. It will be fun. Lv mamap

    • Way to go! There is something about fall that makes you want to get your home to feel cozy and free from the clutter and crap! I have a long list planned, don’t you worry.

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