Home Sweat Home: Outside Updates for Fall

This is not going to be the most captivating post; a departure from my usual, I know. I don’t even have any pictures to show you. But, I do have a few more outside updates to fill you in on because celebrating progress is always important!

In this post, I mentioned that we were hoping to get a few things done before summer set. I wanted to fix up our deck, remove the hot tub and walkway, as well as fertilize the lawn. Well, we didn’t get to all of that. But last week we hired someone to aerate and fertilize! Normally I would have loved to DIY this but our To Do list is long and nap time is much too short. Hiring help is a good plan for us. We grabbed a bag of grass seed and top soil so that’s what we’ve been working this past week. We hope it will bring some life back to our neglected and decrepit lawn. Cross your fingers that this all works!

The leaves are starting to fall and we have more apples to clean up but that’ll be it for this fall’s Outside To Dos.

My aspirations for Spring:

  • Fertilize again because we are in serious rehab mode now
  • Fix the deck (install railings, remove walkway, and secure any loose boards)
  • Fix sprinkler system. It’s currently hosed (har har) and it’s the main reason why our lawn sucks.
  • Remove hot tub
  • Powerwash the deck (it’s needs a really good scrubbing)

Anyone else doing some last minute lawn CPR before the snow flies? By this time last year, we had already gotten dumped on!

5 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Outside Updates for Fall

  1. I haven’t done much on the yard this year. Our street has been under construction since May and it has been a mess. They ripped out all of the plantings on the hill in front of my fence and removed most of the steps. They will replace the steps and will plant grass for me. I’ll decide what to do next year. I wonder if you put a free hot tub on craigslist if someone would come and take it away. I love your enthusiasm. lv mamap

    • Whoa, lots of change in your neighborhood! I’m hoping someone will come take this hot tub away for free but it’s a pain since we have to fill it first to prove that it works. That doesn’t sound like a fun task.

  2. There’s no shame in hiring out – your time is a resource in limited supply. :-) Regardless of how much always seems to be left on the to-do list; there’s nothing like making a house a Home :-)

    • That’s for sure. We are doing it little by little and I’m trying to enjoy the process. I have a feeling we’ll be hiring a lot of things out in the next year with two tiny folks taking up most of my time/energy/brain cells.

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