Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: Tired as always but hey, I think most people in the world feel this way…especially Mommies.

The Science: Baby Center recap – 32weeks. Baby Boy is crowding me. He’s stretching up under my ribs and sometimes (it feels like) past my pelvis simultaneously!

Body morphing: I had another doctor appointment this week. It was the routine pee-in-a-cup, check your weight and get measured type of day. I’ve gained about 18-20 lbs, which is considerably more weight than I had gained by this point with Amelie. The doctor measured my bump and of course, I was measuring quite small. I was so small that she wanted to do an ultrasound to check the baby’s size and my fluids. Ugh, this is exactly what spurred our nutty/emotional day during my pregnancy with Amelie…you remember this drama that all started with Amelie measuring too small, right?

During the ultrasound, the doctor said my fluids are fine and that the baby is small but I couldn’t tell if she was concerned or not. She didn’t have me schedule anything special. She gave me a picture of him (that I can’t really decipher to be honest) and sent me home. It’s one of those weird things. Most days, I feel like this is how I do pregnancy. He’s going to be a small baby just like Amelie was. But when everyone I run into exclaims how small I am, I start to fret. I know they are mostly surprised and trying to be sweet. A friend even suggested I supplement with protein shakes to try and up my calories during the day, but I already eat when I’m hungry. Am I really doing anything wrong?

I’m trying not to worry because worrying doesn’t change anything. My next appointment isn’t for another month. I wish I could get an ultrasound every week!

Sexy stuff! Of course, there is always the restless sleep. I think I may have jinxed myself in the last update because I woke up to a leg cramp the wee hours of Sunday morning. It ripped both Hubs and I awake. I was howling trying to pull myself to standing but it’s awful hard when your ab muscles have long ago been buried by baby-creating goodies and your leg is stick straight like a mannequin. Hubs didn’t know what to do so he was trying to get me to lay back down and we were in this slow motion zombie fight/dance. My calf finally released and we both collapsed back into bed. It’s super sore today.

Food drama: None still! I eat small frequent meals and have even expanded on my typical applesauce and graham cracker diet now that we are focusing on more rounded meals for Amelie. Hubs is an amazing cook and I’m so thankful for his cooking, grocery shopping and meal planning. I drink coffee though. It’s only a cup but I wish I could cut out caffeine completely. But cinnamon coffee (with creamer of course) is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Exercising? Pfffttt! Silly exercise!

To Dos: I need to schedule a hospital tour and pre-register. I need to decide on circumcision. I need to re-sterilize my breast pump! We need a car and a car seat. The rest is coming into place, I feel like. The more we clean, organize and shop ahead of time (especially for the upcoming holidays), the better I feel. Oh, and we have yet to pick a name still!

And randomly: My cross country season is winding down and I’m hoping to take advantage of these newly free weekends (and weekday afternoons if Amelie’s naps cooperate) to get ready for the little guy. I’ll miss seeing my high schoolers but I’m thankful for the time off.

Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 32 week pregnancy pic with Amelie:

4 thoughts on “Baby Bump2 Update

  1. Greetings thecandace and SIL and Amelie and baby boy. Honey, You made a beautiful little girl the first time around and you will deliver a beautiful little boy. Amelie started at 6# and is now 95th percentile for height. Relax doll. I grew you and Levi on hamburgers, french fries, corn nuts and heartburn medicine. ::)) And don’t stop drinking coffee. It is good for you. Seriously. I have started to drink coffee on a regular basis again. We’ll get some pumpking flavor creamer as well. YUM! I love the way you write. I can picture you with the cramp. Delightful (not the cramp) the writing. ::)) OMG, I forgot about the drama with Amelie. Good heavens. That was terrifying. I am excited to visit. Get our list going. We’ll teach Amelie how to moon walk. FUN!! Lv mamap

    • Thank you for the comforting words, MamaP! I’m excited for Amelie’s moonwalking. Her “dancing” is so cute, you might never recover!

  2. You look great and you’re doing it all just right! Bumps and babes come in all cute sizes….and yours are both extra cute both times! (PS- my Nolan was only 5lb 9oz and he’s a rockstar….then my Knox was bigger and I did nothing different that I know of…) I drank coffee….bc I love coffee, don’t enjoy functioning without it and don’t want to be a crab to those I love externally or internally, and they say it is just fine (and many studies say it’s good for you!). You’re all good….just listen to your body and eat something green from time to time. :) Lots of love!!!!! (we also didn’t pick our names until in the hospital so don’t worry! It will all come together!) Miss you!

    • Thank you for the encouraging words. My goodness, you can’t help but worry when they are on the “inside” and then you worry more when they are on the outside! It’s perpetual fretting (which is one of my strengths, unfortunately). You’re the best, Megs! XO.

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