Home Sweat Home: Another closet?

I know. Another closet. My blog is one of those keeps-you-on-your-toes-fascinating-kind-of-blogs, what can I say. And, I just started working on our master closet this week. That means the closet posts are not ending any time soon and I apologize.

Downstairs in the den, we have a mini closet sandwiched between the guest bathroom and the guest bedroom. Here’s is a picture from when we first bought the house:

Remember that paneling and blue carpet?! Oh my.

Considering the guest bedroom is missing a closet altogether, this mini closet is a workhorse. I was storing everything I could in it but the chaos and randomness was getting to me. Big time.

You can understand why:

Since I have so many house projects in progress, this closet was doing its best to keep the lunacy top secret. Just as before, I tried to come up with a purpose for this closet.

In the interim:

  • paint & supplies (so they don’t freeze in our garage)
  • the luggage that will fit (we have more that we are storing elsewhere)
  • gift supplies (bags, tissue paper, cards)
  • “in progress” house items that we are working on (hinges, toilet wax ring, smoke alarms, etc)

Here is my after:

Now, I had to keep the shelving as is and yes, it’s crooked. It’s not spectacular but it’s organized. I feel so much better. Like, a million times better. I moved all of the electronic items to the office so hooray for moving messes. The main problem I addressed was all of my paint, paint samples and supplies. I pruned through everything and I still have A LOT of paint. I’m hoping I can get most of it on the walls instead of stored in here for forever. With a baby on his way in a few short weeks, I think my expectations are a little high in that regard. If not, I figure Hubs and I can work on little projects when the baby comes – such as filling frames with art/pictures and hanging them, swapping out the hinges, etc. At least those items are contained so I can tackle something small without thinking too hard.

Eventually, I want the house projects to slow down and this closet to be instead used for:

  • gift supplies (bags, tissue paper, cards AND wrapping paper, which is currently living in the guest room)
  • craft supplies (I have a huge bin in the guest room as well that wouldn’t fit)
  • board games and movies for the kids
  • extra blankets for the den

The closet door has (obviously) been painted. I still have to caulk and paint the quarter round, as well as redo the shelving on the inside but it’s better than it was before! Weeeeee.

And we’re done for today. Have a happy Thursday, ok?

8 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Another closet?

  1. Ooh – I remember that hallway :-). Closet looks GREAT! I need to channel my inner Candace and do some serious cleaning/decluttering/organizing stat!! I’m getting inspired by you!

    • I’m thrilled you can eek out some sort of inspiration from these goofy posts! I’ve been working on my master linen closet and trying to come up with a game plan for a better wardrobe…I’ll let you know if I’m successful!

  2. Inspiration achieved!! Worked ALL weekend on reorganizing mah-house. Including several closets. Soon I will officially have a Storage Room. In the interim; as John & Sherry say – the middle is the hardest part. I can finally see the “vision” of organized closets, functional spaces & less “stuff.” Which is good since half the house looks like several closets just threw up. Wish me luck! In the meantime – keep the Home Sweat Home inspiration coming!!
    PS – I’ll have to send you “after” pics soon. I would send “before & after” pics; but I forgot to take the “before” pics.

    • Tai! This is awesome! The middle is the hardest part but you can do it. I’d love to see After pics – you are keeping me re-inspired!

  3. Awesome work. You give us hope that we can attain some sort of organization. You might have to have Herr Herman build you a closet in your spare bedroom. Then that could be room specific. I am still sorting. Now I have to call someone and bag the stuff and haul it to the end of the driveway soon. Before I get company again. I wish I could draw on this response. It makes it look more professional. lv mamap

    • I’m thinking the IKEA Pax system might be a good option for the guest room closet. I measured and planned it late one night a hundred years ago but one, it was a hundred years ago and two, I’m bad with a measuring tape…

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