Home Sweat Home: It’s gone!

Remember when I told y’all that I was basically done doing anymore outside updates besides raking leaves and cleaning up dropped apples?

Well since the weather has been cooperative, we got one more To Do checked off outside. Let’s see if you can guess.

Here is a before:

 and now the after:

Bye, bye, hot tub! We posted it on Craigslist and two nice ladies (plus three professional hot tub guys) came to pick it up. They are pumped to have it in time for winter and we are pumped to be rid of the thing.

Our yard looks much worse having this big gaping hot tub-less hole but one day it might be a perfect spot for a garden when we remove the walkway to Nowhere. Sometime soonish (you know, within the decade), I’d really love to hire someone to help me put together a landscaping plan for the backyard that we can work slowly on, year by year. Maybe we’ll do sod next year until we can get a plan in place. Maybe we won’t even mow, like this past year. We’ll see!

It doesn’t look as though, but I have been raking out here. It’s slow going when you are in your third trimester of pregnancy with a “helpful” little lady who demands using the Big Girl rake while I scoop leaves with her sand toys. 

And it’s Turkey Day tomorrow! I’m thankful my Hubby is doing all of the cooking while I blog about important backyard updates.


6 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: It’s gone!

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  2. I am THRILLED for thecandace and SIL. I know the hot tub has become a major thorn in your proverbial sides. WHOOPEE! I think a nice gazebo would look perfect there. You will come up with something delightful, I am sure. lv mamap

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