Candace’s Crafty Corner: Gold Glittered Pumpkins

Hi everyone! I hope you had the most splendid of Thanksgivings. Mine was filled with delightful food and so much excitement that even Amelie couldn’t resist skipping her nap. That kinda made for a tricky weekend but still, I’m so thankful for awesome leftovers and the help from my Hubby with our little lady.

Life is very very good, sincerely.

The only decor I put up for Thanksgiving was a clean table (a serious rarity) and this tray with my pretty “new” glittered pumpkins:

I jazzed up the previously all white getup with a little glitter and gold!

I bought the filler at Michaels on super clearance and layered on a few craft paints by Martha Stewart in champagne, antique silver and florentine gold. I should have been painting trim but who cares what the rest of the house looks like, right?

Ooooh, so sparkly. Do you like?


5 thoughts on “Candace’s Crafty Corner: Gold Glittered Pumpkins

  1. It looks marvelous and did fill its purpose. I hope you had fun with the Nelsons! They are impressed with you! ::)) Happy Happy! lv mamap

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