Baby Bump2 Update

Now that it’s finally official – I’m growing another human – I’m sure you can’t wait to be inundated with all things baby (again).  Should we let the nonsense and self-indulgence begin?

Main scoop: 38 weeks! Ack! This is really happening.

Excuse the hair but lookie at my lady love!

Here is a better picture of my pants pulled half way up to my boobs. I’m adorable!

The Science: Baby Center recap – 38weeks. I feel him moving around especially when I’m trying to sleep. He’s going to be a night owl, like Amelie was. He stomps/punches/headbutts? so hard on my bladder that it’s very difficult to get any rest. I’m getting up constantly to pee and having a hard time falling back asleep. I have had a few nights of good sleep tossed into the crummy mix and they felt AMAZING. But mostly, the nights are long and the days are longer.

Body morphing: I had my “36 week” checkup by the time I was almost 37 weeks so that’s why my stats and blog/picture are a bit out of sync. I had gained 20-22lbs by my appointment last week, which is similar to my first pregnancy. I’m unsure of my exact starting weight so I included a range.

We discussed my options again and I’m still hoping for a VBAC. The baby is head down and she didn’t seem too concerned with my small size this time around. She didn’t even do an ultrasound, like I was hoping. Alrighty then? I’ll try not to worry either.

As the nurse practitioner bade me farewell, she said “Well, I hope to see you at the next appointment (Dec. 9th) but if you into labor before then, I hope he comes out of your vagina!” With that, the door shut and I replied meakly to no one “Me too.”

It’s what I want but that sounds so…uncomfortable.

Sexy stuff! A hemorrhoid. Really? Yeah, really. YUCK.

Food drama: I eat small meals and often but that’s it. No drama for this mama.

Exercising? I found it secretly hilarious when I was chatting with another expectant mama at her baby shower because we both got out of breath quickly. The babies be crowding our insides, you know. Don’t confuse her breathlessness with being out of shape, that mama is the fittest preggo lady I have ever met. On the other hand, my legs burn when I’m standing waiting for my coffee to percolate in the morning…

Oh this was about ME exercising? Yeah, I haven’t been doing any. I hope one day I’ll remember how to.

To Dos: I did find a dear friend that is willing to be “on call” to watch Amelie while my MIL is away visiting family. It’ll be tricky because Hubs will most likely have to shuttle back and forth, juggling Amelie, being with me and the new baby and taking care of my MIL’s dogs. It’ll be less than optimal but I’m not worried – we’ll all have to do the best we can with whatever this labor has in store for us.

At my last appointment, the doctor recommended scheduling a c-section date IF I don’t go into labor naturally when I’m full term. They cannot induce me because of my previous c-section. It was hard to figure out a date around my MIL’s work schedule as well as avoiding holidays but I’ve picked one…Friday, Dec. 19th. I still need to confirm they can get me in but that’s the plan for now.

Things I’ve gotten done? The Christmas tree is up. My Christmas cards are stamped, addressed, and mailed. My Christmas shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped, and those that needed it have been mailed. Instead of enjoying my forward planning, I have the urge to keep buying things because I’m second guessing every single purchase. I need to stop. Every year I do this – does anyone else?

As I mentioned last time, I want to keep making progress on house/life stuff, even if that only means picking up the house a little more aggressively after Amelie is in bed each night. I’m notorious for my piles of stuff everywhere, especially on the kitchen table, so I’m hoping these last few weeks will encourage me to put stuff away. Although unlikely, I’d love to finish some of the projects I’ve started but stalled on – mostly painting projects. I’m also working on organizing my pantry and master closet, as well as cleaning out the fridge and freezer. At the same time, I’m trying to revel in what we have gotten done – removing the hot tub, getting baby boy’s clothes washed and ready for him, purchasing our new car, and doting on Amelie. My To Do list will always be there and this is a good thing. It’s a blessing, in fact. That’s living Life.

And randomly: Just for comparison sake, I thought it would be fun to include my 38 week pregnancy pic with Amelie:



18 thoughts on “Baby Bump2 Update

  1. Oh my goodness! Tree is up, everything mailed – Woot. Sit on your couch and enjoy with your feet up (if possible). You are funny. In shape you are, as yoda would say. You lift 25# over and over again with ease. Carry impossible heavy things with your buff arms. You do approximately 200 squats a day. I am impressed, thecandace. I can’t wait to see baby boy and I am sure you are anxious on one hand and dreading it the next. ::)))) Lv Mamap

    • In shape, I am not Yoda would agree! I’ve been going back and forth between petrified and excited. The emotional pendulum swings endlessly! BUT NOW HE IS HERE! Cue dancing and nervous arm flapping!

    • !!! Jossie, you make me feel like a million bucks! My recipe is a long cardigan, Gap Body tank top and whatever pants you can squish yourself into. Works every time!

  2. Amelie!!!!! She is the cutest little girl, look at that face! xoxo

    P.S. I was going to ask you and I keep forgetting (momma brain… it was pregnancy before, now it’s momma brain for the rest of my life!) but we would be happy to help with Amelie as well. I can come over middle of the night and sleep at your place if need be… anything. Don’t hesitate!

  3. You’re adorable and incredible. All your Christmas shopping done and wrapped and mailed and cards done?! I am tired just typing that… Also, why do we live so far away from each other!??!?! I MISS YOU!!!!

    • It shouldn’t be legal to live this many states away from each other. I miss you, love you and wish our ladies could be best friends in real life and not just in my mind. HUGS.

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