He’s here?!

Our little dude, Cade, arrived two weeks early on 12.03.2014 at 7.16pm. WHOA!

He weighes 5 lbs 11 oz and is 19.5″ long. He has dark hair and obvious super hero tendencies. We loooove him!

So far, Amelie is not amused and she doesn’t he even know he’s coming home with us yet…

Also coming home with me is an “angry” butt nut the size of a walrus, tusks and all. I can’t wait to tell you all about it sometime.

Can you?


14 thoughts on “He’s here?!

  1. Congrats. And boo to you crazy mamas who actually have their seckmd babies early. Hope you are feeling well and recover with ease. He is adorable and I love the name. Best to all of you!

    • I could have used a few more weeks but oh well! I know being late has got to be so hard too! Thank you, thank you for the congrats. He’s sniffling right now so I must go smooch him!

  2. His face is adorable! Congratulations!! You made me laugh “Amelie doesn’t even know he’s coming home with us yet…” too funny.

    • Now that we are home, Amelie is a little perturbed that Cade came along but we are all trying to adjust to being a family of four. Am I a bad Mommy for giving her more treats to make upr for being in the hospital so long and not very available now that I’m home? Fruit snacks and cake for dinner says the best Mommy in the world!

  3. What a cutie! I wish I could take a whiff of that new baby smell and give him a hug. I guess you will have to do it for me. :-) So, excited to continue to watch your kids grow up.

    • He does smell lovely. Me? Especially after he spits up in my nursing tank without me realizing it? Not so much. I need to be hosed down with soap and body spray after every hour.

  4. I love him! He is so sweet and will bring much love and “learning to adjust” to Amelie….I was a middle child and I turned out…well fine for the most part… :) Congrats!!!

    • You were right about Mamas and little boys. He is my guy and I love him so.
      If Cade turns out remotely as awesome as you being a second child, then I would be elated! Amelie is slowly adjusting to having Cade around but her mission to tire me out is working perfectly. Everyone says the first year with two littles is really hard so only 350ish days to go!
      Oh my. *deep breaths*

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