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Not one of you asked how I came up with Amelie’s brilliant construction worker costume for Halloween but I’m the self indulgent type so I figured I’d tell you anyway.

It all began this summer when I was at Michaels and scored butterfly wings on super clearance for like a dollar. “Perfect!”, I thought to myself. “Amelie will go as the most painfully uncreative thing ever, a butterfly. And I don’t hardly have to use one brain cell to put this costume together. I’m the best mother of all time!” I figured I could pair any assortment of her mostly pink and purple attire with the wings and strap them on her back with string or something. Easy!

Later on in the summer, I was at a consignment shop and found an adorable pink leotard with a skirt. You’d think I had completely buried my Minnesotan/Alaskan roots because I decided she would wear only the leotard with the butterfly wings in LATE OCTOBER…making Amelie the most beautiful/generic butterfly-fairy-ballerina combo in the whole wide world.

As Halloween approached, I dug out those wings and started brainstorming how to tie them onto Amelie without it looking too hacked. I thought about fishing wire and pipe cleaners and pink string and ribbon, but it was all a little meh. Then three important things happened.

I made the mistake of showing Amelie the wings one morning and she immediately ripped out one of the antennas on the poor thing. Then, our little tug-of-war over the wings shook the bejeweled butterfly bodice loose. Besides being dumb looking, Amelie showed no interest after the initial maiming and I made the cunning realization that she would probably hate having this thing tied to her back. The next important thing. I got real about the leotard. Even though Colorado can actually be quite hot in October, it is at least chilly in the evening when little pumpkins in costume would normally be trick-or-treating. This Halloween was looking to be no exception. She could not just wear a leotard. Lastly, we were invited to a birthday party the weekend before Halloween. In Amelie’s birthday party treat bag was a plastic construction worker hat. And…BINGO! My brain cell had an idea.

I went to Facebook to see if anyone in the mommy’s group that I’m in had a construction vest we could borrow. Surely someone would and would be gracious enough to lend it to me so last minute!? The replies I got were “No but good luck. I’m sure you could make one yourself, it would be so easy!” WHAA? Halloween was approaching too quickly, I was very pregnant with little time and even less patience, crafts in crunch-time NEVER WORK, oh and I don’t sew, I only hot glue gun things.

Then I found this tutorial online.

I went to Michaels and bought 4 pieces of felt and orange glitter ribbon to mimic “reflective tape” all for a whopping $2.30. I followed the directions on the tutorial (loosely because I’m lazy) and glued it together with my glue gun. I had black satin straps from an old bridesmaid dress in my craft bin so I glued those on as “piping”.

I did pull out a needle and thread to attach the shoulder pieces to the back and did an admirably crummy job of it. I could barely believe it but this project took no time, no stress, no cuss words and I thought it turned out to be the cutest thing ever! Say you agree!

I’ve already patted my own back to excess but I welcome any extra accolades you may have to offer. Also, my sincerest apologies for stomping on the month of Christmas with wordy Halloween goober. Happy Friday?

6 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. She would wow any construction crew! thecandace I love that you made the vest. I thought you received both at the party. Thumbs up, Girl!! Proud of you! Gluing is an important skill ! Lv mamap

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