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The closet posts are here to stay for a while. You see, our master closet is one big continuous project. Not only are my wardrobe needs constantly changing due to getting pregnant/having a baby/nursing/not nursing anymore/getting pregnant again/having a baby/nursing/etc, but the closet itself needs a serious redo. It’s a nice sized closet but has an awkward layout. Actually, the closet itself isn’t awkward but the rest of the master bedroom and its adjoining “master bath” is. We have one bathroom for the entire upstairs, plus this odd second vanity right next to the master closet. Here is a picture from our inspection day:

I’m stuck between making a decent looking closet out of what we have or waiting until we redo the entire upstairs bathroom, which will include the second vanity and master closet too. I’m leaning more towards putting some cash into making the current closet functional (and hopefully prettier), knowing that in a few years, maybe even longer, we’ll have to start over with a major reno.

Brace yourselves. I took a deep breath one day and starting taking pictures. I didn’t hide our dirty laundry, I didn’t dust, I didn’t do anything. Here is my shameful closet in all its chaotic glory:

But behold! The door is painted Zinc! Go me! It’s the little things, right?

Inside, my side:

Inside, my side, top shelves (which I can’t reach so I “throw” things up there):

Inside, Hub’s side:

Inside, Hub’s side, top shelf:

And the “light fixture”:

I apologize for the crappy pictures. For one, it’s hard to take pictures of a small space. Secondly, it’s even harder to take pictures of a small space when you have a baby bump that prevents you from squeezing into any tight spots.

Here is what I did one day during nap time:

  • I pruned through my items and donated a bunch to Goodwill.
  • I put all of my maternity clothes in one spot for easy access.
  • Hopefully I’ll be nursing the new baby so I took all of my nursing-unfriendly tank tops and stored them on the top shelf. That freed up a lot of space and hangers. I’ll start to add them back in as the weather changes and/or if I feel comfortable nursing in them with a nursing bra (rather than a nursing tank, which I wore primarily while nursing Amelie). I had borrowed those nursing tanks but had to return them so I’ll be experimenting with nursing bras more this time around.
  • I put away my summer clothes along with the nursing-unfriendly tanks.
  • I organized the remaining clothes. I tried my best to keep like items together and arrange them in a way that the colors weren’t all clashy and angry with each other.
  • I dusted. It was gross in there.
  • I refolded all of my scarves, organized my hats and put my lumpy sweatshirts in a dresser drawer instead taking up room in the closet.
  • I addressed the laundry basket full of shoes and other miscellaneous items that had found their way there.
  • I took all of the baby stuff (potty, pack n play and bath sponge) and put those in Amelie’s mess of a closet.
  • Lastly, I removed any extra hangers knowing I’ll be adding a few back in as I revamp my closet after the baby arrives.

And the after?

My apologies for not noticing the Angry Shoe that decided not to cooperate with the rest by doing a headstand. I’ve since taken care of the situation.

My side:

You probably don’t care but…

My side, up top:

Because I over share:

Here is what I’d like to do eventually but probably not anytime soon:

  • Paint walls, caulk and paint trim and switch out hinges on the door.
  • Put in new shelving. Ideally, I’d love to have a combo of drawers, shelves, a clothing rod and shoe storage because the laundry basket full of kicks irritates me.
  • Buy a light fixture since this one is naked.

An aside, I didn’t address Hub’s side of the closet except for herding the dust bunnies. He can look over his clothes and organize them how he wishes when he wishes. However, I did attempt to make his side less nutty by removing items that didn’t belong there, hiding our paint/work clothes in a bin and corralling the empty hangers in another bin. It’s much better than before, pinky swear.

I’m sorry for the ongoing closet posts but it is really nice going into the holidays with a clean closet. It’ll be fun, rather than stressful, adding any new holiday scores to the mix now that there is space and order.

All of this closet talk lends itself to thinking/obsessing about my clothes. A friend of mine recommended this blog and I found the How To Build a Wardrobe From Scratch series very interesting. I want to go through that exercise and share it on this here blog for you all. Wouldn’t that be so super fun to spend precious minutes of your life reading about? We could even do it together! A working wardrobe discovering journey! As if we are friends in real life!


7 thoughts on “Home Sweat Home: Master Closet

  1. I love it!! I am so proud of you. Typing blogs, raising Amelie, running errands, having a baby, and organizing. WOW! It looks marvelous and the best thing is, you will be happy!! Good work, thecandace. I would love to read about how to build a wardrobe. Count me in! Love mamap

    • Thank you and you’re right, it does make me happy. Order is good for my messy mind. My wardrobe journey may be short since I only wear soft pants these days…

        • I love my little online cheerleaders. Thank you for putting up with my closet posts. Maybe I’ll have something more interesting to say someday but maybe not! :)

  2. I’m in for the new journey to a new wardrobe….and since I just cleaned out a closet, I am now inspired to take it further to actual cuteness as you have highlighted here….I’m sure it will happen….soon. :)

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