Happy New Year!

2015 is heeeeeere!

I’ll be dashing into the new year taking care of two under two…

I think I’ll need lots of luck and coffee.

I don’t want to set myself up for failure by declaring too many resolutions for 2015. It will be challenging enough as it is just to get my hair washed on a reasonable timeline so here are the few I brainstormed with Hubs this morning:

  • Hubs wanted to cut out beef because both of our cholesterols are higher than they should be so I’m game for going along with that.
  • We are both doing “one in, one out” rule as far as acquiring stuff around the house. Since storage is limited, this is a good exercise. With littles around, this is going to be a challenge but I’ll try to tame the crazy as far as their stuff is concerned as well.
  • I’m cutting out soda. Soda is one of those things that I drink if it’s around but I could easily go without. I actually prefer water and with breastfeeding and an angry butt nut, this is like, a really extra good idea.
  • I want to establish a more positive bed time routine. You know, like flossing, actually taking my makeup off, and not twiddling on my phone throwing away precious sleep when I get so little of that to begin with. It’d be nice to settle in for the night with some tea or a little bath or lotion and fuzzy socks. I need something to wind down and what I do currently isn’t working.

There are so many things I want to add to my resolutions list but I’ll resist. I don’t want to make my life too complicated with self imposed rules about everything that I want to do, should do, and shouldn’t do.

Any big plans for the new year?


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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  2. Coffee is a beautiful thing. Use and enjoy. My resolutions are simple as well. Cutting out beef is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I do love a steak though. ::(( Meatless meals at least 3x a week. Bring in one and out one. I still have plenty of old ones that needs out ge tossing! Soda is good to stop. It has done a job on my enamel so it is also good for your teeth. and my last one is exercise for me and my dog. Pray for me. Lv mamap

    • So far my “positive bed time routine” is off to a rough start. Writing Cade’s birth story until 11.00pm didn’t help. :) I’ll be praying for you and Penny – please stay warm!! XOXO.

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