Birthing Cade

Hey! Exciting news!

He came out of my vagina, like I had hoped. The end.

Ok, ok. Since I shared Amelie’s birth story in excessive detail, it’s only right to do the same for my little guy. Are you ready?

It all began on the evening of Dec. 2nd shortly after we put Amelie to bed. I was doing my usual, putzing around on my computer at the kitchen table and promising myself an early bedtime. Hubs came up to tell me an exciting story regarding our insurance when…

“I hate to hijack your story but I just peed myself.”

“You what?”

“I just peed myself. And I peed myself again!” I stood up from the kitchen table with soaked pajamas pants and water pooled on the chair.

Realizing my water broke (duh), we sprang into action. It was just a few minutes before 8pm. Hubs called his Mom so she could watch Amelie and I called the hospital.  We busied ourselves with packing, taking out the trash and general tidying up. Thankfully, I had packed my hospital bag the weekend before and had even written up a list of items to grab (like my phone charger and toothbrush) to ensure I wouldn’t forget anything in the heat of the moment. I’m glad I did!

I got dressed, tried to do something with my hair (to no avail) and added makeup to the crusty leftovers from earlier in the day. My MIL arrived shortly after and we took one last bump picture:

and a super attractive selfie…

Then we set off for the hospital. I was having contractions but they weren’t a big deal. They felt like menstrual cramps but I’ve have period cramps worse than that. Obviously, those light cramps didn’t stay that way. No sir.

We got checked in around 9pm and I was feeling optimistic and excited. In fact, I was quite smug since I had literally mailed all of our Christmas cards and packages the day before. I had nothing “to do” except have a baby. Let’s do this!

I got settled in with monitors and met all of the nurses and doctor. Since I had only eaten a light dinner, the doctor allowed me have a few NutThins with strict orders not to eat or drink anything else. Even though I was hungry, I wasn’t too worried. I was hoping to have a baby and a nice breakfast by morning.

(That didn’t happen).

They checked me and I was 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. I don’t know if it’s my anatomy (or my wussy tendencies) but getting checked HURTS SO BAD. She reached so far up that I swear she could pick my nose from the inside.

That night was a bit of a blur. Hubs slept near by while I labored. I’m not talking light menstrual cramps. In fact, they didn’t feel like menstrual cramps whatsoever. Sometimes the contractions would come every fifteen minutes and other times every five. I did not sleep. But, I was determined. I was breathing through contractions. I was counting down the hours until morning. As the night wore on, the contractions intensified and my resolve chipped away. I don’t really know how to describe the contractions except for serious pain in my lower back and the worst diarrhea pangs imaginable – as if someone was wringing out my intestines like a wash cloth.

By morning, I was sobbing and shaking through each contraction. I could not stand. I could not walk. I was not breathing through them anymore. Instead, I was hyperventilating and being very dramatic. I tried getting in a tub and laboring there. The nurse asked me to rate my pain from 1 to 10 and I told them 9 (because I was too proud to tell them 10). Hubs tried to talk me into an epidural but I thought if I could just hang on a little bit longer…

They checked me and I was dilated to 3 cm. Only to 3! You guys, I’m pretty sure you could hear my heart break. I couldn’t believe it. When I was pregnant with Amelie, I was walking around dilated to 3cm and DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT. How could this be after laboring hard for over 12 hours?

Ashamed, I agreed to get an epidural just before 11am. Now, I know, I know. It doesn’t matter. But it did matter to me. I was embarrassed. My MIL birthed three babies with no drugs. Many of my friends had done it as well so why was I such a wuss? I guess I just am!

The epidural burned going in but took effect quickly – about 20 minutes. I felt immense relief. It’s strange to be numb from the waist down but it felt like my legs and feet were “asleep”. I was very itchy and had some nausea, which are common side effects. Nurse Z turned me on my side and placed a bouncy ball between my knees. Then she would flip me to my other side every hour. I think it was to make sure the epidural medication didn’t pool more on one side or the other. I rested. I could feel each contraction but they did not hurt.

I’ll speed things up since not much happened except flipping and resting for the next seven hours.

Eventually, around 5.30pm, I dilated to 10cm. They gave me oxygen and the go ahead to start pushing.

It was finally happening!

An aside. If you dig waaaay back into my archives (not recommended, those posts make me cringe) – you might come across this photo from a few years ago:

I had gotten those knee high snowflake socks for Christmas. Yes, I still have them. Since I was due so close to the holidays, I had thrown those socks into my hospital bag. Why not bring a little Christmas cheer with me, you know?

Well, I put them on shortly before getting the epidural. They felt quite nice since my feet felt like cold numb rocks. I couldn’t help but find it absolutely hilarious to see my husband holding one leg and Nurse Z holding my other “Christmas stocking” during each push. I looked so ridiculous! 

Anyway. I was hoping to have this baby before 7pm for two reasons:

  • Nurse Z’s shift was ending at 7pm. She had been with me since that morning and I wanted us both to finish what we had started.
  • The cafeteria closed at 7pm and damn, I was hungry.

I pushed for over 1 1/2 hours. Even with the epidural, it took great effort. I could feel no pain, only pressure with each contraction. I pushed and pushed (and puked). I pushed so hard, I thought I might pop my eyes right out of my head!

Luckily, the only thing that popped out was a baby. And a hemorrhoid almost as big!

On Dec. 3rd at 7.16pm, I gave birth to Cade.

The cafeteria had closed down but my amazing nurse stayed with me to the end. I’m so thankful for her. Nurses are the best!

Hubs got to cut the cord, which he wasn’t prepared for since he gets queasy about that sort of thing. The doctor sewed up my tears and even showed me my placenta – which I thought was gross and totally awesome.

Cade was tiny at 5lbs 11oz, even smaller than my little Amelie. How in the world I had trouble giving birth to such a small baby, I’ll never know! Isn’t he adorable with that mess of dark hair?

The staff moved me from Labor and Delivery to a new room and handed me my baby along with the best boxed lunch I’ve eaten in my life. Who knew a turkey sandwich on white bread could be so decadent?

I’ve already blabbed too long but I might follow up with a post about my hospital stay since I’m sure you want to hear all about babysitting both Cade and my Hemorrhoid. Am I right or am I projecting here?

Until then, I’ll sign off with one last picture. Seriously, he is such a sweet baby.

Cade, welcome to the family. I love you.


24 thoughts on “Birthing Cade

  1. Seriously, there is NOTHING better than the boxed lunch after giving birth! Who knew that sandwich could taste SO good!? Every single time. I love reading birth stories! Thanks for sharing :)

    • That lunch rocked my world! DELICIOUS. :) Thanks for indulging me and reading my birth story. I wish I could hear yours – were they all different?

  2. Wussy for getting an epidural? I think not. That’s like saying “I’m a wussy for getting anesthesia during a root canal.” Science has advanced so much, and it’s there for everyone. There could be a million reasons why someone needs the assist, but being a wussy is definitely not one of them. You respected your body and humbled yourself and that is incredible. Good job. He’s certainly adorable!

    PS – Putting makeup on before heading to the hospital sounds like a good idea, I’ll have to remember that.

    • You are kind, thanks for comforting me!

      Soon, you’ll have your own special birth story! It’ll be beautiful and messy and awesome. When are you due?

      • Due 1st week in April, but since I have a shirt that says “loading until April”, I’m confident he’ll be born in March :)

        • Love the shirt! Of course, little Baby will make up their own mind on when they want to load. :) What a very exciting time for you! I wish you the best pregnancy and healthiest of labors. You can do it, Mama!

  3. i loved reading your story! We are so happy for your new family! Hoping things start settling in for you guys! What does Amelie think? Have you had any of those cute little sibling moments yet?

    I had a very similar experience with epidural, complete with sobs of guilt and disappointment each time, but so thankful the back pain and puking stopped! Sounds like you were put through the wringer! Congrats on the vbac! 😉

    We are convinced that 1 baby + 1 new baby = way more than 2!! Thinkng of you and your adorably perfect family! Loved your christmas card! Xoxo

    • We are epidural twins! :) It sounds like our labors were kinda similar – maybe back labor? I remember Matt telling me about how sick and miserable you were and recommending the epidural. It’s an ego thing and it’s silly but, like you, I couldn’t help but be so disappointed.

      How do you do it with THREE kiddos? That blows my mind!

  4. Whoa, I can’t believe it was only a month ago (today) that this all started going down. Props to the candace for powering through and giving birth to our beautiful, healthy little Cade!! #sograteful

    • He is a sweetie sweetie! I love him so. What a good baby! Thank you for all you do did to get me and Amelie through this big transition. You are an AWESOME DADDY.

  5. YAY! So excited and what a fun birth story! You are a ROCK STAR! Isn’t it crazy how each delivery is so different? Do not feel bad about the epidural by any means — seriously each delivery and strength of contractions is soooooo different it is NOT any reflection on you. YOU did FABULOUS as always. I can’t imagine laboring for as long as you did…did you crash for as many hours as possible afterward? I was exhausted for you while reading this post!!! The pictures are the best and I love the socks too. I had the old fashioned compressed socks that I walked up and down teh neighborhood in during the summer time because you get to a point where you just don’t care and do what feels best. Glad you had a good delivery and only Cade popped out!!! Congratulations on a manly little babe!!!

    • Thank you, your comforting words help me so much! I was hoping it’d turn out differently but now he’s here (and so smoochable) so I need to let it go!
      Unfortunately, I didn’t get to crash. We dove straight into the next night with constant feedings and Little Guy only wanted to sleep being held. Getting rest in the hospital is hard to come by!
      Haha, makes me giggle thinking about your compression socks. You just have to do you and throw fashion/dressing cute to the wayside!

  6. Yeah, you definitely don’t count as a wuss! Whatever way you look at it, you delievered two beautiful babies and that is no small feat! Loved reading both your birth stories!!! And I’m still wondering how you look so gorgeous right after giving birth?!?!?!

    • I’m thankful for modern medicine, birthing babies the natural way isn’t something I am good at. But both of my babies are healthy and lovely – I can’t ask for more than that! You are a great friend; I felt like I looked like a Sasquatch but I’m glad to have you in my life to tell me otherwise. :)

  7. You are so funny, thecandace. You looked like a movie star after 23 hours of labor. My co-workers think you are an alien woman because you looked great! I am still wearing maternity tops from when I gave birth to you! You did a great job and we all are blessed to have healthy babes. you are a sweetheart and so is SIL. Cade was lucky to be born into such a great family! lv mamap

    • I redid my makeup once I got the epidural! After all night laboring and getting in and out a bath tub, it felt refreshing to get my teeth brushed and put on a fresh coat of mascara although I had to do everything while laying on my side in bed. Tricky business!
      We are so lucky to have both Cade and Amelie. They are the sweetest. xoxo!

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