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Blogland is an exciting place to be around the holidays. Lots of bloggers post beautiful tours of their gorgeously decorated homes, along with crafts and other holiday awesomeness. I’m always so inspired!

As a warning, this will NOT be inspiring. Since I have a tradition of documenting our holiday decor on the blog, I couldn’t let this year go by without doing the same. I realize that not only is it a stale topic because the holidays are over but also my decorations are nothing creative or special. Even so, it’s fun for me to look back on and that’s part of what this blog is for me – an online journal. An evolution of sorts.

This summer, I got rid of our red ornaments. We’d been rocking the red and gold theme for quite a few years now (maybe 7?) and I wanted a refresh. I grabbed a box of silver ornaments from Target after Christmas last year to add to our gold ones. I also ditched the old broken tree topper and Hubs nestled the big Pier1star on top and I really liked the way it looked:

The lights reflecting off of glittery ornaments made it so festive for Cade’s first Christmas.

Originally, I was going to skip putting up the big tree and do a table top tree instead because of Cade’s impending arrival. I made a dopey tabletop tree that was totally lackluster so Hubs convinced me to get out the big tree Thanksgiving weekend. It’s nothing spectacular but I love it so.

I thought this would be cute activity for us to share with Amelie. I was envisioning smiles and laughter, sharing Christmas cookies, dancing to holiday music in our Christmas pajamas and soaking in her wonder when the tree was all lit up! Real life took the stage instead. Amelie “helped” us assemble tree for a while, somewhat disagreeably. She was especially crabby that evening and not coordinated enough to strings lights or hang ornaments which just frustrated her even more. So, we put her to bed and finished it by ourselves while we were both exhausted. Maybe next year!

As for the rest of the decor, I kept it simple. I bought a pine wreath for our front door and a little poinsettia for our kitchen table. I didn’t even hang our stockings. Again, maybe next year?

An update: I forgot I had spent a nap time doing this with our Christmas cards:

Two kids napping simultaneously is like Gold. Very precious. So when all of the cards started falling off the wall almost immediately, you can imagine my eyes began to twitch. It was cute while it lasted though.

Here are my trees of holidays past: 201320122011 and 2010.

Ok, thanks for letting me share. Hopefully an interesting post is on it’s way. Hopefully.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Decor

  1. I can’t believe it. I wrote a big comment yesterday and it disappeared. Uff da! Anyway. I looked at all of the trees from yesteryear and that was fun. You make your home fun and cozy. lv mamap

    • Isn’t that the worst? A cozy home is my aim so thank you! I mean, who cares if my kitchen cabinets are still poop colored when you have a sparkly tree to snuggle up to?
      (I do.)

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