My Amelie

AGE: 21 months – phew, this is long overdue!

Words: blue, book, bubble, dadda, mama, noooo (a nice whiny one), uh oh!, more, bye bye, hat and Heidi (one of grandma’s dogs). She is a lady of few words though. We know she understands but she’s stubborn about speaking. Only recently has she been babbling/practicing sounds with intonation when she’s playing around the house. They sound like real words but mean nothing. It’s so cute to hear her voice!

Her answer to *almost* every question is “noooo” initially until she has time to reconsider.

Favorite things: Walking Heidi! Heidi is patient and walks slow. Amelie *loves* it. She did a lot of dog walking while Grandma was away in MN and it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, she can’t get enough! Power hungry, maybe?

Daddy is still her favorite person. When he comes home from the office, she runs to the window to watch him walk up the driveway and does the cutest little “jig” when he opens the door. If I try to play with her at the play places, she cries and insists “Dadda!” come instead. Ok, I’ll sit by the baby then! I’m not keen on those plastic slides anyway, they make my hair static-y…

She loves to color. Although she can be quite bossy – demanding to switch crayons with you, pointing where she would like *you* to color and only likes “fresh” pieces of paper.

She still enjoys story time at the library. I’ve been taking her to the older one for 18+ months since the summer and it’s so stinkin’ sweet. Littles are precious. My favorite song is “sleeping bunnies” where all of the kids lay down and pretend to sleep and the teacher sings “oh so still, are they ill…?”

“NO!!!” (The littles jump to their feet)

“Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop! Hop little bunnies, hop hop hop!” and they hop around with reckless abandon. Gets me every time!

Amelie, on the other hand, does not participate. She watches very closely and sits on Mommy’s lap. I don’t force her to join in. Sometimes she lets loose and will dance around but mostly she is quiet and observant. She saves being loud and goofy for when she’s at home with Daddy.

She loves being outside, slides, bath time, books, books and more books.

She DOES NOT like being reprimanded (who does?) and having a poopy diaper. I think potty training is near. I would have started already but having Cade makes it a little complicated. I need to get her some big girl underwear and see how she does!

Talents: Putting her boots on and 90% of the time, they are on the correct feet! She also likes to take her boots OFF the moment we are in the car…

She can fly like an airplane (arms straight back), gallop, buckle the car seat and high chair with one of her babies tucked inside. Her talents are endless and I’m sure you would agree that it would be difficult to list them all. Right?

Food: Meal time is impossible. She only likes pudding, yogurt and raisins at the moment and who knows what she’ll decide to eat next week. We also still give her a bottle before nap and bedtime, which we shouldn’t. It’s bad for her teeth and she was supposed to be weaned off months ago. We’ll work on that soon…

Big sister role?¬†Amelie was mad at me for a while after Cade was born. It was a crazy time for her: she was crabby getting her molars (ugh, I’m hoping we are done with the teething crud for a hot minute) and the chaos of me being in the hospital way longer than we expected was hard on everyone. Her naps were totally messed up, I wasn’t around, and she was being juggled between Daddy, Grandma and a family friend. It was too busy for her and she was tired! She saw me in the hospital a few times – once during labor just before my epidural and seeing me in pain freaked her out. She stayed far away from me.

Since we brought Cade home, she’s been interested in him and surprisingly pretty gentle. She likes to be involved with diaper changes, helping him with his nuk and she does not like it when he cries.

But, she’s also annoyed when I have to feed him because she wants to read and move and she wants me to do those things with her. I feel bad that I can’t. She gets jealous if Daddy smooches or cuddles Cade and requests that he kiss and cuddle with her instead!

I wish it weren’t so but my pregnancy was difficult for everyone. I was so tired, crabby and was miserable to be around – I could hardly stand myself! Amelie has had her fair share of crabbiness as well and because of that, I felt like we had a lot of trouble connecting. I felt bad that she preferred her fun Daddy over me when it took every ounce of my energy and patience to get us through the day. I feel much better now that Cade is “on the outside” and surprisingly more rested! I’ve been seriously focusing on reconnecting with her. I give her the bottle before nap and each night (another reason why I don’t want to give it up just yet) and we snuggle and kiss noses and talk about the day. I love her so much and I want her to know it! I know I’m not “fun” but I’m affectionate and that’s what she gets from me. Hugs and kisses. I stroke her hair and her neck and I rub her back. We’ve been doing Mommy daughter dates at Starbucks – a white chocolate mocha for me and a white hot chocolate for her. She slurps it down and thank goodness Cade lets us have these moments together. These mean a lot to us.


9 thoughts on “My Amelie

  1. I didn’t think milk was bad for the babies teeth. I know juice was. Maybe 1/2 milk and 1/2 water. Or cut back until it is just water. I think that time you take with her is major important. She sounds like the perfect daughter and you sound like the perfect parents. Thank you for such a nice blog post. :::))) lv mamap

    • Thank you, MamaP. We are doing the best we can. Somedays, I feel proud of how I parent but most days, I tell myself…”I’ll try again tomorrow!”

  2. I bet her Daddy’s Home jig brings the word “adorable” to a whole new level!!

    Love the pic of her sharing her Starbucks with you! What a sweet tradition – Mom & Amelie time while sipping on chocolatey drinks. :-)

  3. It was pretty tough for little AQ around Cade’s birth, but I’m so proud of her for how she’s bounced back. She’s our little sweetie and is such a caring big sister!

  4. The smooches, cuddles, and kisses are exactly what she needs right now. I’ve been reading “Bright from the start” and that’s exactly what the research has shown improves a healthy brain at this age. If she didn’t have those things, she’d be in trouble later, such as emotional issues and difficulty concentrating. Crazy, right? So, you’re doing the right thing! And a healthy relationship with daddy is so important for little girls. You guys are awesome!

    • At least I’m doing something right, Jossie! *pats self on back* And the more love and Daddy time she gets spoiled with is only a good thing – not something to be jealous of. Thank you for all of your lovely comments! I should check out that book!

  5. You guys are wonderful parents…and you’re a wonderful mom to A and C! I think we worry so much about creating a perfect environment but as you and I have both seen, sometimes, babes want to do things their way. Your connection is everlasting and even though it does hurt to feel and ebb and flow, there is nothing that can break this polymer-crazy-elastic (see how I worked in some chem there?)! And, if anyone knows, it’s clearly the Beatles….All we need is Love…. Thanks for the glimpse into this little wonder – can’t wait to see her rule the world!

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