My Cade

Oh how I wish I had started the My Amelie posts earlier but I’m going to try to keep up with little Cade.

AGE: 6 weeks!

His cross-eyed newborn faces are so cute. They make me giggle. I’ve been trying to capture them but it’s hard to hold the camera and a floppy newborn simultaneously.

As I noted in this emotionally charged post (I still cry re-reading it), I had a tough time with Amelie as a newborn. She hated being a baby. So when I got pregnant the second time, I had a summer-long anxiety attack anticipating the newborn madness I barely survived the first time around…except now with a busy toddler in tow! I didn’t think I could do it. I knew I had to but how?

I am happy and so thankful to say, Cade is the most wonderful baby. I didn’t realize babies could be like this! The contrast between my two littles is down right shocking.

Breastfeeding: It’s going 100x smoother than it did the first time around. I was expecting the worst but he has been a stellar nurser from the beginning. The only issue I have is carving out time between the two kids to pump extra milk. I’m not opposed to introducing formula if/when we need to.

Schedule: After a few weeks, Cade is now on a schedule. I think that was the most difficult issue I had with Amelie – no day was remotely the same. There was nothing predictable about her! Cade usually wakes around 7am and feeds every two or three hours during the day. I do my last feeding between 10pm and 11pm and then he sleeps three to four hour chunks at a time…sometimes longer! I know! I feel so much more rested than I did during my pregnancy. During the day, he’s awake only a little while before he wants to sleep again.  I usually go somewhere in the morning with Amelie and he falls asleep immediately in the car or stroller. Say what?!

My days are busy juggling the two of them but I’m actually really enjoying this time. I didn’t think I’d be able to say that!

He does have a fussy period in the evening from 5pm-10pm but if he’s being held and bounced, he goes right to sleep.

I must mention the early days. Cade did have his days and nights switched around for a while. Instead of being wide awake during the night (like Amelie), he still wanted to sleep but only in my arms. For many nights, I held him on my chest and didn’t get much rest. I was camped out in the guest room with him so we wouldn’t wake Hubs and Amelie. Finally, I moved to the couch but I could still hear him. You guys, he is SO LOUD. He starts groaning about an hour before his feeding and I would lie awake listening to him. I couldn’t get any sleep! After 25 days of this, I got to a breaking point. I probably would have put up with it indefinitely if I didn’t have Amelie to take care of during the day. Zack offered to take a turn downstairs with Cade. He’d do a diaper change and then come and get me for the feedings so I could actually sleep in between. We did this for two days and Zack was a wreck! The experiment was worth it though. We recognized that Cade could space out the feedings for 2-3 hour chunks at a time (now it’s even longer) if we could find a way to sleep through the pre-feeding groanings. It’s hard being so far away from my tiny baby, but we keep him in the guest room and sleep upstairs. We can hear him cry but not the grunts! This makes my nights very reasonable!

He is getting less grunty, by the way.

Sleep: He hates sleeping in the pack and play/on his back. I wish I could put him in his bed but, just like Amelie, he is sleeping in a swing. At least he is sleeping and so am I!

Growing: Cade was born a little guy at 5lbs 11oz but he’s been doing a great job packing on the chub. Due to some medical issues, we had his regular two week checkup when he was only 9 days old. The doctor said they usually like to see newborns get back to their birth weight but he was already up to 6.5lbs! We got an A+ for weight gain – good job Cade and good job Mommy! He grew out of his newborn clothes this week and although I said otherwise, I am really digging little boy clothes. I think he looks so adorable in his outfits that I can hardly stand it.

Circumcision: We opted to and I witnessed it. It was more intense than I expected – it’s not just a little snip. He wasn’t allowed to get circumcised in the hospital so I had to take him when he was two weeks old. He did great and even held the nurse’s finger during all of it. They use this plastic cap called a Plastibell that falls off after surgery. Cade’s fell off after five days.

Daddy time: It’s fairly limited when Amelie is awake because she gets jealous but once Amelie goes to bed, it’s Cade and Daddy time. Cade is a snuggler. He loves being held and bounced on the ball and that’s what they do while Zack watches a show.

Milestone? I know this is awful early but I could have sworn he smiled at me this week. At first I thought it was accidental but I kept talking to him and he did it again!

Big sister: Amelie has been very gentle. Well, for the most part. She accidentally conked Cade in the head with her massive doll “Rosie”. She was only setting her down beside him to change her diaper too, you see. She’s been pretty patient during the feedings and that may or may not be because I give her a pudding cup to busy herself with…

I feel bad because Amelie still requires my constant attention or supervision so Cade is often ignored more than I would like. I try to snuggle with him when Amelie naps.

Cade, you are my sleepy sweetie. I love you so much!


8 thoughts on “My Cade

  1. It’s amazing comparing Cade to Amelie. Until Cade was born, I knew Amelie was a really difficult baby, but I also had a nagging fear that we were simply incompetent parents. After all, if we struggled so badly raising a newborn, how in the world did anyone else do it? I mean, what does that say about us? But with Cade, I feel better confirming how hard it was with Amelie. Like we’ve finally found validation for our frustration and exhaustion. Thank you for that, Cade, and for being such an amazing little baby! And thank you, Amelie, for being such a delightful toddler after the brutal baby phase!

    • Finally, validation for being crazed sleep deprived lunatics! And late to everything! Non-teething Toddler Amelie is a joy!

    • I wish I could take credit for Cade’s awesomeness! I’ll take a bow anyway, just because I feel like celebrating. He sleep 9 hours last night!?!

  2. This post makes me tingle with joy and I am stuck marveling at his complete cuteness! I love him! I am so glad you guys are finding some ease in his ways (and straight up validation – feels good, don’t it?! Boo-yah!) and are quick and confident to go with new tricks and ways when you need to! WAY TO GO! All four of you will keep climbing to your equilibrium and then you will say, what did we ever do before we had these TWO?! And, PS – people thought I would be sad to be having a second boy when we found out my Fox was a boy (well, his name is Knox for those that don’t know and may think it is more weird that I named my son Fox….though I call him it so much that I certainly wouldn’t knock anyone who did…anywho…) – but I LOVE boy clothes! I’m sure girl clothes are swell in a different way but I wouldn’t trade there little suave dude clothes for the world! :) Cheers to Cade – I love you, little man!

    • You called it, my friend! I think our littles have very similar stories. I hope our babies can meet one day…and that I can see you and give you the biggest hug.
      You’re right, dude clothes are FUN!

  3. PSS – don’t feel any guilt about doing more posts with him – there will be too many things that you realize that you had way more time to do with the first than the second! At least that is what I’ve already found….though, the Fox just rolls with it…cuz he’s cool like that.

    • Thanks for the good advice. You’re right being perfectly “fair” is an impossible goal. I’m just a mama trying to do my best. Thank you, thank you for all of your support. XOXO.

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