A Messy Monday

You know what one of my favorites things ever is? When Amelie holds my hand. Her tiny delightful hand grabbing hold of mine reminds me that raising littles is precious. It’s such an honor. Sigh…

Except last week, raising littles sucked. It sucked baaad.

I started a super long post detailing last week’s drama but it all got to be too long and too much. Let me just summarize by saying it all began with a very early AND A VERY MESSY Monday. Amelie caught a nasty stomach bug (hooray for projectile puke) and then Hubs and I both got it (think food poisoning/worst hangover of your life). I was so sick, I missed two feedings. Then Amelie got hives!


Throw in a few skipped naps (nooo, please, no) and we had an entire household of miserable sleep deprived people. Even my sweet Cade! The kids double teamed us! It was the worst.

We are not yet fully recovered with good nights of sleep but I’ll take these clunky days compared to last week. Oy!

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. This past Monday was a messy one too but for an altogether different reason. Remember when I lost my teeny mind and painted one of the kitchen cabinets before finishing any of the other projects I had started?

A picture to remind you:

Once I saw that beautiful white, I was ALL IN. I worked tirelessly, until, well, I got tired.

You see, after a round of caulking and patching and FOUR coats of paint, I lost steam. Then the wheels fell off when I nicked the door and it chipped immediately. I knew two things:

  1. I did not have the time necessary to put five coats of paint on these cabinets. I only have nap time. And sometimes, like last week, I don’t even have that.
  2. Even after the five coats it would require to cover the “Leather Satchel”, these cabinets would most likely chip with use and that would make me a super sad person.

So, the lone white-ish cabinet sat doorless for five months. Maybe more? I started ignoring it and the king sized bottle of fish oil inside that all of my guests were privy to see.

Then it happened one day. I decided to hire a painter.

And THIS, my friends, is happening as I type!

You guys! Did you almost poop your pants? Me too! Which brings back horrible memories from last week. Regardless, YAY huh?

I took a lot of comfort in the fact that this is a gnarly job. This is not something I could have taken on myself with two under two during nap time. The project is going to cost a pretty penny but I’m really hoping it prolongs the life of our kitchen for a good hunk of time.

Instead of regular paint, they are using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation system from Home Depot. Our painter has used it in the past and recommended it. Amelie digs it!

It hasn’t been that fume-y (which I worried about with littles) but we have a monster whole house fan that we’ve been running each night to ventilate it really well.

We have our kitchen stuff piled on the kitchen table, in the guest room, office, and on the dryer. It’s been tricky living without a kitchen so Amelie and I have been subsisting on cupcakes and string cheese. Amelie digs that too! :)

A snow storm rolled in this morning delaying the painters so it’ll be tight considering I have company coming tomorrow through the weekend. Weeee!

9 thoughts on “A Messy Monday

  1. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white!!! It’s a far cry from that “lovely” wallpaper border!!

    Btw – POOR Amelie – hives SUCK! I hope she’s feeling better. Oh, and I’m all for having cupcakes as a meal. 😀

    • Speaking of far cry, I cry anytime I think about that wallpaper! It was the worst week ever and poor Amelie was suffering hard core with those hives. Next time, I’ll be much quicker with the Benadryl! Poor girl!

  2. 3 cheers for painters! Smart lady, you are! And the cabinets look great!! Also, so sorry to hear of your sicknesses….we’ve been there too and feel your pain!!!!! UF DUH!!!!!

  3. Wow! The cabinets look fabulous and I think the painters are wonderful as well. Sad story the week before. ::(( I am glad everyone felt fine when we visited. It was a blast! what a transformation thecandace. lv mamap

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