Friday Tidbits

The big kitchen cabinet redo got me hankerin’ to update our gross mishmash of kitchen towels. We’ve got a wide assortment – all different colors, a few bath hand towels and some holiday ones. But they all have one thing in common: they are worn out!

And then, this happened. It’s like Target crawled INSIDE MY MIND:

Clearance! And coordinating!

You can tell some of the cabinets, like this one, could use a solid round of caulking. One day? Maybe never?

I do need to update our washcloths too but those weren’t on clearance. I wish they’d make gray ones! The little basket that houses them is from the Target dollar section. I go nuts there.

Even though I have the one-in-one-out rule, I haven’t gotten rid of the old towels just yet. I’m going to replace my stash of rags in the upstairs linen closet¬†with the towels that are still somewhat decent.

I’ll cringe the first time Hubs wipes Amelie’s ketchup face with one of these but I do accept that kitchen towels are meant to be used.

Next up, kitchen rugs…

Happy Friday! We are supposed to get loads of snow!

6 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Getting the cabinets painted is really inspiring and makes me want to organize the rest of the kitchen. Nothing like an expensive contracting job to get us motivated :)

  2. LOL SIL. ::)) I love new towels. So glad they were on sale. I am trying to think of a good place to pick up rugs that are reasonable. Like Ikea. How fun to have a new kitchen. I still love mine to pieces. Love mamap

  3. LOVE the kitchen cabinets!! Equally LOVE the coordinating towels!!

    For washcloths, I personally like white because if they get really grungy; you can always bleach them. :-)

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