Things got hairy

Amelie was born with crazy hair. It was full and dark. With blonde tips! It was gorgeous and strange. Of course I couldn’t help myself, I had to pick up a few hair bows. Then a few more. And a few more. And so begun Amelie’s hair bow collection.

After a while, those tips faded but her hair kept growing. It’s now past her shoulder blades! Her hair is so long, she actually needs to wear hair bows/barrettes/ponytails to keep it out of her eyes. Weeeeee, I love when accessories are required!

I seriously need to learn how to do hair STAT. My crummy attempt at a french braid:

Anyway. I was protective of the hair bows. I wanted to make sure we kept track of them and I kept them neatly on the cards they came with. I went a little hair bow psycho, I admit. One time, Amelie dropped a hair bow on a walk with my MIL and by golly, she went out for a run the next day and tracked that hair bow down! She’s a good woman, I tell you.

In spite of my obsessing, we’ve lost a few here and there. And then Amelie chewed on one of the cards and ripped another. My Type A tendencies flared. I don’t like¬†chewed up cards and empty hair bow slots.

I picked up a bead organizer at Michaels and problem *mostly* solved!

Much better, right? I still need to hunt for a bigger one that can hold her hair brush, elastics, big bows, necklaces and sunglasses but we are moving in the right direction. Little things like this make me so happy!

Update. A friend inspired me to cram more hair goodies in by adjusting the compartments to fit bigger items.

updated2Now I have everything I need to do Amelie’s hair all in one place. I typically do her hair while she eats breakfast.¬†


Easy! Pretty! Organized! One of my favorite little projects to date. Seriously.

This has been the year of organizing for me. I think now that we’ve gotten a few rooms painted and some big projects checked off, I can pull back the reigns and work on little things, like hair bows and closets.

And that’s all I’ve got today. Sorry to send you into the weekend with only boring hair bow nonsense.

4 thoughts on “Things got hairy

  1. Your baby had/has beautiful hair. And I am glad you have photos showing the blonde ends. Too cool. You are hairbow obsessed. But I think you have to be. She needs a elastic band that holds back her hair, you know what i mean? She hates it in her face. Her hair is rather fine so you might have to add a little mousse or something. I think the braid looks great! Hugs and kisses to all. lv mamap

    • We cut her bangs this week! Now she looks like such a big girl! AND I found two of her missing barrettes, which thrills me more than it should.

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