Friday Tidbits

It’s FriYAY!

I apologize for my absence! I can tell that, deep down, you missed me a little. You see, Amelie and I have been sick. Since I’m breastfeeding and Amelie is little, of course there is nothing either of us can do but suffer through it. She’s been up crying 3-5x/night all week long because she’s so stuffed up. And now Cade is congested too…oh please no!

Since I do enough whining in person, let’s get on with the post, shall we?

One Friday long ago, I posted this really gross picture of our newly “organized” kitchen cabinet. Hello there, Fish Oil!

Unappealing? Yes. Super helpful at keeping a little sanity in our kitchen? Also a yes!

Well, after we prettied up our cabinets with lots and lots of white, I knew this cabinet could use some refreshing up on the inside as well. So I did and it took a long time even though it shouldn’t have.


A closeup:

This system is working pretty well for us. I love that all of my breast pumping supplies are in one bucket. It’s actually the bucket I swiped from the hospital when I had Amelie. What IS that color anyway? Faded mustardy puke?

Where was I? Oh yeah, oversharing. For our keys, I bought the long Command Hook rail from Target. It was pricey at $9.99 but perfect. It has a slot where you could put important mail so maybe I’ll try that instead of piling it on the counters…(maybe). I also picked up a pack of label key rings from Home Depot so we could organize all of the miscellaneous keys floating around. A small To Do with a big impact!

The white basket (also from Target) I use to keep all of our vitamins, medications and sunscreen handy. I hate to mention it to those in frozen land, but we’ve had to pull out the sunscreen already so it’s good to have it close by. It keeps everything together and tucked away. I pull out the entire basket each morning and put it back when I’m done. Why didn’t I do this system a hundred years ago?

The purple tea tin is still holding sunglasses. I put another small Command hook to hold my iPhone charger. Lastly, I bought a wire basket from the Target dollar section and a new pack of pens because our hodgepodge collection was irritating me. That small project was worth the $2.03 that it cost me!

Doesn’t it look so much neater in the “new” cabinets?

8 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

  1. Oh, sick babes. My #2 has an awful cold and made it (barely) through daycare today while I had work, but now it’s a cuddles and sleep night. Hoping she copies last night and sleeps for 9 hours straight, but I’m anticipating a night more like yours(and my usual) being up 3-4 times. Poor babies, and poor mama. It sucks to be sick with a baby.

    And as for the cabinet. I must say I love the update and appreciate the over sharing. I overshare often about my pumping schedule and needs with my colleagues, but life it is. I, too, hate mismatched pens, and someday soon will reorganize and purge. And do you honestly rehang your iPhone charger? Now THAT’S organization.

    • I’m sorry you have a sick baby too – it’s hard. Hopefully she’s on the mend soon!
      Thanks for the cabinet love – this little nook makes me happy. Oh, and I rehang my charger about 40% of the time…but I’m trying to be better.

    • Thank you! Amelie is napping and sleeping better but is still congested – hopefully we’ll get through it by the end of the weekend!

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