Happy Easter!

I’m so excited for Easter especially now that Amelie is a little older. She’s at such a fun age. I put together a basket for her and of course it’s all things bunny for my Bunny. Target dollar section is always on point!

I couldn’t help but test out the bunny ears a little early (she loved them)…

I may have also bought bunny ear barrettes too. Because I had to.

We also decorated the house with a few Easter crafts:

And the outside too:

Cupcakes also happened:

And little Cade seems to be enjoying his first Easter as well:

Hoppy Easter, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Bunny ears are fashionable throughout the whole year. I love the bunny barrettes as well. Seriously, those babies are the most beautiful, smart and talented grandchildren in the world. And I mean it. Lv mamap

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