And then there were four

Most likely you’re haunted by the uncomfortable pictures from¬†this post,¬†describing my hospital stay after giving birth to Amelie. Although somewhat similar, it’s only fair to share my stay with Cade too. This story promises to be less gory and far less detailed; partly because you probably don’t have much time to waste but mostly because I can hardly remember anything about it.

As you may recall, I was in the hospital almost 24 hours before actually giving birth to Cade. After his birth, there wasn’t time for lingering and celebrating. The nurses worked on cleaning Cade, the doctor sewed my tear and Hubs packed up all of our things so we could be transferred out of Labor and Delivery and into a recovery room. My epidural was already wearing off and I was able to walk – with caution – to the restroom. Then they put Cade in my arms (along with that amazing turkey sandwich) and wheeled me to my new room while Hubs followed with our gear. I kinda felt like a celebrity!

That night, surprisingly, was fairly unremarkable. With the nurses help, Cade would wake to feed every few hours and then go back to sleep. Considering Amelie screamed all night long the first night of her life, this was a very pleasant surprise. Hubs slept near by and I slept in between feeds.

My hemorrhoid did not sleep, however. It was very angry. Oh so angry!

It’s still angry sometimes.

Thursday morning came and I couldn’t wait to order breakfast. I ordered Cream of Wheat of all things, just like I did when I had Amelie. Unfortunately my MIL had to work so Hubs went home to relieve her of babysitting duties, leaving Cade and I alone.

Just the two of us.

That’s how it was for the rest of our hospital stay. Turns out, the stay was longer than expected.

Cade was born with a mysteriously low platelet count. The doctors first noticed there was something amiss because he had tiny bruises all over his body. It was terrifying to see his little foot prick still bleeding a few hours later when the nurses removed his bandaid. One night, I had given him my finger to suck on to see if I could coax him to sleep. The next day, the roof of his mouth was black and blue. Because of his peculiarly low platelet count, the doctors wanted us to stay so they could monitor him. My MIL had already booked her flight to MN so Hubs and I had to split duties: him with Amelie and me with Cade.

I spent those days fretting and snuggling.

Hospital stays are busy, busy, busy. I don’t like the commotion. I wanted to take my sweetie away from the blood draws, the checkups and the prodding. I missed Hubs. I missed Amelie. I wanted to go home.

But as each day set, his platelet count got stronger. He was going to be ok.

Finally we were clear to discharge on Sunday morning. It had been a long week for all of us. We were so thankful to be home and together…as a family of four.

I must admit, I was very fearful of his birth and how I would be able to handle it all. Realizing Hubs would not be able to help me at the hospital only worried me more. But sometimes you don’t realize how much leaning you’re doing until you don’t have someone to lean on. As each day passed, I was reminded that I can stand on my own. I can learn. I can do this. I only had one job: to fall in love with Cade. So that’s what I did.

That’s Cade’s story. Scary and sweet. Clunky yet empowering. I wish I had taken more pictures but you can only do so much with a burning hemorrhoid hotdog between your buns, you know?

You don’t?

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