Spring has got me all excited. I’m excited to garden! I’m excited to plant perennials and work in the dirt! I’m excited to tackle both the front and back yards! But I have one very big problem…

I have zero time. Literally, some days, I have not a single moment of free time. It’s kids all day, all evening and most of the night – then with what little sleep I’ve managed between feeds and Amelie’s coughing episodes, we have to get up and do it all over again the next day. I’m so very tired. It’s not like every day is that hectic but it’s a lot of days. My spare time is limited and extremely unpredictable.

I need to be realistic. A glorious garden is not in the cards for me at this stage in my life. Maybe next summer! I’m going to start small and today I’m talking about our front yard only. Let’s back up to see what we’re working with, ok?

Last summer, we removed a huge roof-hugging spruce tree on the right side of the house:

mammoth_treeAnd after:


A close up of this space:

spruce_removed2And from this past weekend:


I got to work. Luckily, I had an adorable helper:


There was years worth of leaves and trash back there so I raked, trimmed back the bushes, as well as removed a few new trees that were sprouting up.


I agree, it doesn’t look all that much better but the effort was there as noted by the two garbage bags of compost.  My plans for this space are to remove the rocks and old needles. Since this space gets a few hours of morning sun, I’m hoping to add new soil and some pretty perennials in the fall since the spring is getting away from me already. If you have any partial sun Colorado perennial recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

So, a little wee bit of progress. Amelie and I’ve planted a few annuals to add color to the rest of the front. Marigolds and pink geraniums:


The creeping phlox is taking over and makes me so happy! I love that little pop of pink everywhere!

Plus, petunias and I-can’t-remember-what-these-blue-flowers-are-called for the front door (to detract from the messy hoses and peeling paint):


I have very sad boxwoods that struggled with the random heat wave in February that was followed by loads of snow in April and May.


I trimmed all of the dead off and I’m praying they survive, although they are looking mighty worrisome.

bushes_afterThat’s all for now. I have mowing, weeding and a few more dead bushes that I need to address (like this one by the front door):


It’s slow going but I thought this post might be a fun way to look back on the evolution of our front yard.

Has spring gotten you all giddy about working on your own outside spaces? Tell me what you’re up to!

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