My Cade

AGE: 6 months TODAY!

Cade, you are a happy, happy guy. Your smile! Your laugh! You are so sweet!


Size: I’m not certain what he weighs currently but at 4 months he was 13 lbs. 11.5 oz (10.27%)  and 2′ 2.5″ inches long (90.06%). He’s a very long and skinny baby. In fact, he is already in 9 month sleepers and growing out of those soon. Whoa!

Update from 6 month apt: 14lbs 13.5oz (6.07%) and 2′ 3″ (63.31%). They are keeping an eye on his weight since he dropped a few percentile since the last appointment. He is my scrawny sweetie. He was an smiley angel for the doctor, even though he desperately wanted to take a nap! He let her hold him and snuggle. Amelie would have never in a million years!

Likes: This is funny. He likes to run his fingers through Daddy’s curly hair. He also likes to twirl his own hair and is very gentle. It’s sweet!

Cade is a mama’s boy but is easy going and likes everyone! By 4 months, Amelie didn’t like to be held by anyone except for Mom or Dad. Her stranger anxiety started way early. Cade loves being held! He does cry when I leave the room and unfortunately, I don’t hold him as much as we’d both like since I’m taking care of Amelie simultaneously.

Sad times: Constipation has been an issue – especially this week. He was up a big part of the night on Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday morning. We couldn’t figure out how to get him to sleep and stay asleep. On Monday, he had a monster poo (ohmergerd, it just kept coming!) and now he feels a lot better. Poor guy was so uncomfortable! I’m going to call the doctor and see what they suggest. Other than that, Cade is not a a sad baby. He’s usually a pretty happy dude, even when he’s tired.

Talents: Blowing raspberries! He works very hard on them and they are so delightful. He can grasp toys (and big clumps of my hair when feeding), grab his feet and roll over! Here he is showing off his skills and impressive bald patch:



  • Naps: I haven’t figured out a consistent nap schedule with Cade. He has to be flexible because we have appointments/errands to run and Amelie needs to get out and play. Mostly, Cade has a great nap in the morning and then the afternoon is hit or miss. There have been many afternoons where I would feed Cade until he fell asleep while Amelie also napped. Once I relented to the fact that my only free time for the day would be spent this way – which was difficult for me to accept at first – I sat back and tried to enjoy our time together. He’ll only want to snuggle with me for a short time and my inbox/cleaning/projects will always be there. He usually takes 3 naps per day and they get shorter and more unpredictable as the day progresses.
  • Overnight: I’ll be honest, it’s been rough. Cade, on his own, is not a tricky baby like Amelie was. But with Amelie being sick these last few months straight (literally, no exaggeration), any difficulty with Cade seems to almost break us. Bedtime is hard for us to figure out. Cade seems to squeeze in catnaps in the evening and most nights, we don’t get him down until 11pm. It’s exhausting. It makes for very long days and nights because Amelie has been getting up 2-3x crying and coughing and then Cade wakes up for his first feeding anywhere between 2am and 5am. My milk supply is confused because the feedings are all over the place and I’m stressed. We’ve been giving him a bottle before bed but that doesn’t really seem to hold him off. He used to go to bed around 10pm and wake for his first feeding around 6.30am which was a nice way to start the day. Now, each day is unpredictable. I am so tired. So very very tired. I marvel when Hubs and I manage to get anything done because we are in survival mode. It took me two weeks to write this blog post!

It’s a demanding life being a Mommy of little ones. I have much respect for all of the Mommies out there (including my own Mom and my MIL). It’s hard, relentless work.

It’s important work too.


Cade, although I wish you would go to bed earlier (and stay asleep longer), you are a wonderful little baby. You are so giggly; especially in comparison to my serious Amelie. You were even smiling at a person behind us in line at the post office and when I turned around to see, the guy standing there wasn’t even looking at you! Ha! You are so adorable!

8 thoughts on “My Cade

  1. You’re such a great momma. These cuties look happy, healthy, and so playful and I can guarantee you that they wouldn’t be this way without all that you do for them! Be sure to take care of their momma. How does a trip to the mall (by yourself) or a massage sound? Do it! :)

    • For my birthday, I got a trip to the mall all by myself and it was so lovely! A massage is still on my list! 😀
      I do need to start taking better care of myself. I’m a little bit of a wreck and my face is breaking out so much so that Amelie kindly pointed out a really big one and said “Owie, Mama.” Hahaha…oh dear.

      • Oh no, Amelie…too funny but seriously, you look great! I have been exhausted and hubby forced me to get a massage the other day…and wow…it was fantastic – she worked all my sore back muscles with firm pressure. Gonna try to go once a month now, we’ll see if that really happens.

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