Backyard: Flowers and herbs

Since I showed you my annuals out front – I thought you’d certainly indulge me if I showed you the ones out back?

It looks almost the same as last year because I’m super predictable. Even so, they make me happy. I’m impressed I picked up any annuals at all, considering I am seriously short on free time these days with two little ones. Anyway, here they are: pots of petunias, pansies from my MIL and a few herbs.


Up close of my “herb cluster”:

herbsI have grand/unreasonable-right-now plans for a big multi-level raised garden loaded with veggies and herbs one day where our hot tub used to sit. Until then though? An herb cluster will have to suffice. That adorable dill has got me itching to make these. I must!

I have plans to makeover these chairs and little table. I’m working on a different project right now but I’m hoping to get to these before we have visitors in July. My track record of getting things done is not great though…


Amelie loves to help me water. I let her have at it because why not enjoy the flowers together? I’m sure they’ll recover from a few less than gentle touches and occasional overwatering. That’s why it’s all a bit of a mess. The little guy is basil in survival mode. Amelie got a kit for Easter and so far, it has been through a lot. Who knows, maybe he’ll make it after all!


That’s it for annuals. In addition, I have clematis,




and creeping myrtle


that the previous owner planted. They are beautiful. I’ve been experimenting in the front yard with a few perennials and I’m getting excited to plant more back here. I’ll have to work in sections (and take you along for the ride of course) but I’m thrilled to be starting off with a nice base.

I’ll show you what we’ve done in the front sometime soon. It’s my first crack at this being a grown up and planting perennials thing…

5 thoughts on “Backyard: Flowers and herbs

  1. So much work to do outside our house, it feels overwhelming. Though adding some color and life with these flowers is a big help!

    • A little bit of pretty detracts from the massive amount of work we have to do in our future…
      The weeding alone is an exceptionally big task!

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