Backyard: Dead space

Remember when I took you on a backyard tour last summer and there was this sorta wasteland on the side?

wastelandIt’s not pretty but we found a good use for it: a perfectly shady spot for Amelie’s sandbox.


The Colorado sun is hot and it’s nice that we can play out here, close to home, without worrying about the burning rays. We actually scored the sandbox for free (!!!) and Grandma bought the sand for Amelie’s birthday. We set it up just in time for her party and when the rain cleared, the kids dug in, so to speak.


Also, as an aside, I once swore that I wouldn’t be that house with kiddie things like this “littered” throughout the house and yard. There are sandboxes at parks, you see, and I wanted to keep my lawn pretty and sophisticated.

But now? If it keeps a little one busy for even a moment, I’m all in. Even better that I don’t have to pack up and go anywhere because babies and toddlers don’t nap at the same time and do you know how long it takes me to go ANYWHERE? A hundred billion years and usually when we get there someone poops.

Anyway, back to the “play space”.This space has a lot of potential so at least this is a small start in the right direction. And, I can’t believe anything is growing back here but these cuties manage to survive:


Does anyone know what they are? I’d love to plant a bunch more of them to brighten up the perimeter. They are so sweet! Update: I think they may be creeping thyme? 

4 thoughts on “Backyard: Dead space

  1. I still have dreams of doing something big here (guest suite? patio? grass play area?), but at least now it has a purpose: keep our kiddos entertained with a bit of shade.

    • Yes, it’s perfect for the time being. We have a long list of projects to get to before this little area gets much love.

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