What’s in my diaper bag

This post is going to be terribly exciting.

When I had Amelie, a friend lent me a diaper bag and that’s what I used up until this summer when my friend needed her things back. I was hoping to use it for Cade but planning to borrow things for four years is kind of lot to ask of someone. Returning her baby gear forced me to get a new bag and actually, I’m very happy I had to. I looked into a lot of fancy diaper bags like SkipHop and on Etsy. All were pricy and I felt kinda panicky since I was “investing” in a new diaper bag so late into my “Diaper Bag Days” but finally, I settled on one:

diaper bag

A backpack from Target. For $22.99. It’s the best!

The old diaper bag was perfect initially, but we outgrew it. I knew I had to get something bigger after adding a second baby. The old bag had one big strap you could put over your shoulder or wear cross body but once I loaded it up with all of my crap, it would swing around and bonk me in the legs while I walked no matter which way I wore it. I’d have to use one hand to keep it “steady”…but I needed to be hands-free!

My new backpack is magical; hands-free, spacious, easier on my back, and cute because it’s gray with polka dots! How could I not love it? Often, I’m carrying Amelie and pushing Cade in the stroller (I think I deserve a medal!) and so this has been a big win for me. Wanna see what I cart around everywhere?


These are the essentials. Meaning, I get irritated if Hubs grabs something out and doesn’t put it back. It’s disrupts the Balance of the Bag, you know? I can’t have that.


Since I need to use all of my cloth diapers and can’t afford a “spare” just for the diaper bag, I usually throw one or two in just before we head out anywhere. It probably would be wise to keep a few disposables in here just in case, but I don’t.

MamaP bought these three snack bags for me at a local handmade fair. They are food safe and can be used for just about anything – food, makeup, a wet bag for swimsuits/cloth diapers, etc.


I use mine for snacks. It’s a must to be loaded with snacks! These bags save the landfills from plastic baggies and the prints are adorable! I love them so much. They are made by two+two and I bought a few as gifts as well. I’m thinking about getting a few more for Hubs since he packs a lunch for work.

I have a few more things…


In case you can’t tell what anything is because the picture is blurry (I was holding Cade while taking pictures with one hand)):


I got that little bag in the Target dollar section. Perfect for crayons, stickers, a small pad of paper (thank you, Emily). I take this out to keep Amelie busy when we are at doctor appointments. It’s been so helpful!


The Extras

  • Amelie and Cade’s nuks
  • plastic bag (for dirty diapers on the go)
  • reusable shopping bag (mine is a Envirosax from long ago)
  • one or two of my handmade burp cloths (these get switched out regularly for washing)
  • extra outfit for Cade just in case
  • sweatshirt for Amelie (if it’s chilly)

That’s it! Maybe it’s weird of me to share but I like this sorta thing. What are the must-haves in your diaper bag?

5 thoughts on “What’s in my diaper bag

  1. What’s a great idea to use a backpack, seems so much more convenient. I never thought of having distraction/play items in it, thanks for the tip!

    • It’s so handy! It took Amelie a long while to get coordinated enough to use crayons for more than a minute or two but it’s something to keep in mind when your little dude gets older. Although boys might be a different story – who knows! We will find out, huh?

  2. Since everybody at work has new grand babies either here or on the way,. I take the time to tell them about your backpack. I love it and I love that you have things in bags in the backpack. I carried a strap diaper bag and trying to handle that, plus purse and 2 babies, was almost impossible. You are so with it. I am still trying to get myself to carry a grocery bag (cloth bag) into the store. At least, I made it into the front seat of the car. ::)) Keep up the good work Missy. Lv mamap

    • Woohoo! Maybe a backpack diaper bag will turn up trending with all of your positive hype! Thank you so very much for those awesome snack bags. I’m in love!

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