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It’s true, I really can read!

THE BOOK: Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore

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My feeble thoughts: I mostly skimmed this book but it was worth the sleep I gave up to do so! It’s broken up into a few sections – the science of your skin, eating right for great skin, detoxing from beauty products and how to switch to a natural skin care regime. This book is conversational in tone – no delicious prose here – but it got me excited about trying to take better care of myself and it prompted me to take a good look at all of the things I’m putting on my body and in my body. She includes recipes for food AND homemade beauty products, as well as a list of harmful chemicals to look out for. She encourages you to do what you feel comfortable with by incorporating as much natural skin care as you can. If you can’t live without mascara, ok, but how about making your own cleanser? If you can’t skip that morning coffee, ok, but maybe try juicing with kale and spinach?

Grade: B+ Only because some of the claims aren’t backed up by studies/proof.

As a side note, I have been stressed to the max the last two months because I was beyond sleep deprived and my skin was a wreck. I broke out so bad that even Amelie pointed out one incredulously large blemish and said “Owie, Mama.” Owie is right! Now that Amelie’s cough is finally gone, I’m only getting up once to feed Cade and that’s totally reasonable! I’m looking forward to trying a few recipes and playing with essential oils too.

Would I recommend it to a stranger on the bus (trying to make his way home)? Yes! I think most of my friends would find this book worth the browse.

What I am reading now: Hubs checked out “Savage Girl” for me. I have no idea what it’s about but it’ll be good for me to read before bed each night instead falling in face first, unshowered and teary-eyed.

5 thoughts on “The Book Nook

  1. The best part about this book is it kicked-off our new summer salad bonanza! Including all homemade dressings. I’m hoping we can keep it up….

    • I have been loving the salads you’ve been putting together for us! Feels so fresh and summery. Now if I could just curb that iced coffee habit…

  2. This sounds like a great book. When I come out, lets make some stuff. I think there is so much in cosmetics that we are not aware of that it is important to check it out. Plus I love make-up. You can start your own line. ::)) Drink coffee and drink smoothies. Coffee is not bad. I’ll try to get a copy at the library. lv mamap

    • Coffee is not all that bad…is the crud I drink along with my beloved coffee. You know, the good and bad-for-you stuff. 😀 We will make a trip to Whole Foods to peruse the essential oils when you visit!

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