Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday afternoon! It’s a hot one here to today and I’ve got a hot mess of a post for you.

Last night, MAJOR hail storm! Take a look at our deck:


Everything was a bit tattered this morning:


I have some sweeping to do but first, other business:¬†Amelie’s summer clothes organization! Who’s excited?

You remember I organized the green dresser when Cade was my super tiny sleepy guy?


Well, turns out it was inconvenient to store Cade’s clothes along with Amelie’s for two reasons:

  • Amelie has too many clothes. They didn’t all fit in one drawer. Girl needs space! Cade needs space too.
  • I needed access to Cade’s clothes while Amelie napped. He was quite the puker! Hence, lots of outfit changes.

So, Amelie took over Cade’s drawer but as spring overlapped into summer, both of her drawers needed some attention.

Her pajamas and sweatshirt drawer before:


I cleaned out most of the winter items and put them away in her closet. I’m hoping they will still fit when the air gets colder but you never know with littles, they grow fast and sporadic. I did keep out a few long sleeves and pants because Colorado can get chilly in the summer when the sun goes down.

Here is the after:


Because you probably can’t tell what anything is:


The second drawer – it was tiring to dig through:


After much pruning:




I have her dresses in the closet and I’m hoping I remember to pull those out every so often. Most of her clothes she can mix and match, which makes it easy for when Dad is dressing her… ;D

Cleaning out the drawers helped me regain some sanity but also gauge what I need to purchase to round out Amelie’s summer wardrobe.


Mine and Cade’s summer clothes are next! I’ll probably blog about it so yaaaaay.

3 thoughts on “Friday Tidbits

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  2. I love the bins idea. That keeps piles from spilling over. Thanks for the tip! It is hard to keep the correct sizes in the drawers. Your babies are so tall. Growing like weeds. Beautful. You dress them so well, even with Cade and his episodes of puking. Thank you for your blog. Lv mamap

    • They are both very tall! Buying clothes is like one big guessing game – especially since all of the brands have different fits. Thank you for commenting, it was lonely here while you were away.

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