Father’s Day

My husband-turned-baby-Daddy is incredible. He isn’t afraid to be interactive and goofy with Amelie and she loves that. Her heart breaks a little when she calls for him in the morning and I have to tell her that he is at work.

On Father’s Day, he spent the morning playing pretend with Mama Monkey and Baby Monkey. They talk to each other in their high voices and Amelie is thrilled by it. The sillier, the better!


Then, he spent the afternoon taking care of Cade while I napped. He loves his Daddy too!


What better way to spend Father’s Day than doing the hard work of being a father? He didn’t think he’d get the day off, did he?!

We love you so much and my heart is overwhelmingly grateful that our kids have a father like you!

photo 4

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Well written and True. I couldn’t imagine a better Father and husband than Zack! (Plus he is a great cook!) Love Mamap

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