Makeup Revisited

Last summer, I showed you my “makeup organization”. Although not inspiring for you probably, it was a little change with a big impact for me. But, it had been a while and needed a second look.

I wanted to revisit my makeup for two reasons:

  • I had started using the bathroom downstairs since having Cade and my makeup was split up between the two bathrooms. I wanted it all together again, it was driving me crazy. Eventually I want a little vanity area in the master bedroom but a desk makeover has to happen before then.
  • Ever since reading Skin Cleanse, I wanted to take a closer look at my products. You guessed it, most of them aren’t very skin friendly. Ok, all of them? I decided to start with small changes instead of starting over so I tossed a few things that were old, made me breakout, or I didn’t like.

Here is my “before” drawer. Hi, tube of Preparation H!

beforeMy “After” – some of these products are on probation…


Pretty pared dow, eh? Oh but wait.

My makeup bag:


I had a helper when it came time to sort that mess out.


She loves putting on chapstick. Unfortunately, she nibbled the end and then smeared a good portion on her shirt. I can’t blame her, it tastes and smells like fruit snacks!

My makeup bag was gross and needed refreshing. MamaP spoiled me with a new one!


It’s actually quite a bit smaller than my previous makeup bag. ┬áIt’s good that I was in a paring down mood.


Sorry for the crummy picture but here you go:


It’s all a little crammed but trust me, there’s a lot less. A few items are on probation as well. From here on out, I’m going to do my research so I can start phasing in better-for-you products. I’ll keep you posted?

Another exhilarating post for you has come to an end. Don’t be sad, there’s more coming your way so you can keep wondering why I spend my time this way.

4 thoughts on “Makeup Revisited

  1. I can’t wait for makeup posts. Keep up on the research for me as well. I did order SKIN CLEANSE from the library and can’t wait to read it. I had Mary Kay eye shadow from the 80’s that I repurposed as paints. ::) Does Toms toothpaste work for whitening teeth? Love Mamap

    • Yeah, it might be time for you to toss that “expired” makeup. Although, the eighties did make a come back with crop tops so maybe there is still hope?

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