Spray paint it yellow!

When Amelie was born, we got flowers at the hospital. It was such a happy lovely surprise. They made me feel like Amelie was so special and celebrated, you know?

I’ve been hanging onto one of the vases from that day with a plan to make it over. Ever since organizing the guest bath linen closet – which is still going strong, by the way – this little vase has lived in there. Can you spot it?


This one, holding extra toothbrushes for guests and my shower cap.


I’m digging the texture, it reminds me of old school milkglass. But I didn’t love the color – a really pale pink. I happened to have leftover spray paint from my diaper pail makeover (which is also still going strong) so I got to spraying:




Doesn’t it kinda look like a pineapple?

And back “home” again:

after_closetThe shelf “styling” is certainly not pin worthy but hopefully one day I can put some work into this closet to pretty it up. One day! But not any day soon.

Side note: Target has these adorable summer soy candles and one of them looks exactly like this vase! I should consult for them because obviously my vision is on point.

Anyway, back to my project. I told Hubs about my big makeover and he replied with “So, it went from pink to yellow?”

“Yeah. You make it sound so insignificant that way.”

2 thoughts on “Spray paint it yellow!

  1. I love it! Although I am impressed that you are concerned about beautiful inside of closets, while I am working non- stop to empty/organize them. I did finally put shelf lining down in the kitchen. I am still sorting but the outside is calling. i finally bought some flowers to plant. They are so pretty. Keep up the good work, the candace. Love mamap

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