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My purse carrying days are a thing of the past. I throw my wallet into my diaper bag and go. Today, I’m cleaning out my wallet and taking you along for the ride! Weeeeee.

I purchased my old wallet, from Target of course, a few years back with the best intentions of paring down to something simple that would fit everything I needed, including my phone.  At the time, I thought it fit all of my criteria: cute, small, and included a spot for my iPhone. Sadly, after I put a case on my phone, it didn’t fit in the wallet!

So, I went about juggling both separately and cramming as much random crap into the spot for the phone instead. I could barely shut it:


It irritated me. It was always such a mess.


I still like the idea of a wallet to keep in my diaper bag – but this time I upgraded to something bigger and made sure my phone, case and all, fit in along with everything else:

wallet_afterI bought this new wallet from Target too. Even though Target has lots of fun bright ones to choose from, most of them are a little young for me. I decided to stick with a simple brown one that goes with everything. My phone fits in the zippered side pocket perfectly.

Transferring everything over to the new wallet was also a chance to reevaluate what I was carrying around and organize. A fresh organized start always makes me feel better! Maybe when my diaper bag days are through, I might convert to a purse again or a cross body bag but for now, this is a great solution.

I’m sorry to subject you to this again, considering I’ve blogged about cleaning out my purse before here and here. Please don’t click through, my old blog posts are humiliating. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Mommy Wallet

  1. I love new bags! You are so funny, the candace. Too young? Did they have kitty prints? You are young! I like the purse because it is large enough and that protects you from losing important receipts and money. Good work! Lv mamp

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